‘Shwetha’s Batter Store’ serving home like batters straight from a factory unit

It’s difficult for foodies to say no to a crispy, steaming dosa. With so many dosa varieties to choose from, a platter of dosa, sambhar, and coconut chutney is sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. If you prefer a crispy dosa, then Shwetha’s Batter Store is a perfect place for food enthusiasts who love to eat but can’t cook.

Carrying the legacy from her mother and grandmother’s kitchen she has made it available for the millennials and Gen Z with the quality batter of Idli and Dosa. Apart from the standard idli dosa batters, they have created a varied range of nutritious batters such as ragi, multigrain, and adai to cater to the growing number of vegan and health-conscious customers.

When people started liking her batter she started her own business, Shwetha’s Batter Store. Starting from small she began to spread her wings across the Mumbai. What makes them unique from other batters is that they are preservative-free, gluten-free, and entirely vegan, as well as being made in a sterile kitchen.

Sharing insights about Batter Store’s success, Shwetha said, “Being a small startup, I am finding it difficult to scale up as it requires big investment but the constant increase in demand and quality of the products, buyer’s motivation gives the confidence to scale up to the next level. The sales are increasing and so we are setting up a factory with big machines to match the demand.”

She further added that signing with new vendor contracts, in a talk with an institutional buyer has chances to gain the sale volume in a vertical line. And profit percentage will also grow but that’s secondary but their sole focus is to serve people a real taste of traditional south India. That is why they say “ You crave it & You have it”

With her passion to serve people with home-cooked food, the venture turned one recently, gaining recognition among food lovers. Batters are healthful and nutritious for health-conscious people, which is why they have included ragi, multigrain, and adai batters in their line, which is 100 per cent vegan and suggested for small children, babies, diabetic patients, and everyone who wishes to live a healthier lifestyle.

Making it easier for people to cook the batter can be cooked in four easy steps, Open- Stir-Pour-Steam and you can enjoy the authentic taste of South Indian delicacies in no time. To ease services for people ‘Shwetha’s Batter Store’ is available in Swiggy, Amazon, Fraazo and Nature’s basket and is also available at their website.

So hurry up and enjoy the South Indian delicacies with perfectly made batters!



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