Ace Photographer Dnyanesh Dongare talks about his startling Photography Journey

With lots of hard work, efforts, and consistency in quality, Dnyanesh Dongare has become one of the most preferred photographers in India. His journey commenced in 2014 with a camera that he received as a gift from his dad, and It all began with the love to capture the beauty of the world around him. He spent a few months in experimentations and gradually started receiving photography assignments. “I still start every session with the same excitement as if it is my first project,” says Dnyanesh, who has completed tons of photography projects in various categories like maternity photography, babies, newborn, fashion, pre-weddings, advertisements, products, and celebrities. Even though he has always avoided the limelight, he has still managed to taste all the success.


Dnyanesh Dongare
Dnyanesh Dongare


Hailing from Pune, he runs a firm named ‘Maxraj Photography’ known for its special maternity and newborn photoshoot sessions. Today he is ranked among the top photographers in India, but It was not easy for him. It took him months and years of practice before anybody believed in his capability. There were times when he hardly had any assignments, but what kept him going was the patience and desire to create beautiful photos.

Speaking about the motivation behind his work, he says, “My job keeps me engaged and excited in a way which gives me a push to try and optimize the photos to its best version. I am happy that people like my style of photography.”

He picks newborn and maternity photography to be his favourites, and acknowledges preferring giving more dates for these categories over others. He says, “what can be more joyful for a photographer than chronicling happy moments of to-be mothers and newborns?” During his photography sessions, he believes in giving a little more attention towards creating an atmosphere that brings out real emotions of people, which in turn helps him in creating timeless photographs.

The ongoing pandemic has affected millions of businesses. It is no different story for Dnyanesh, who has seen a decline in the number of projects but has yet managed to make the most out of it. “I hardly use to get any time to be socially active, but this pandemic scenario has given me ample time to connect with people on social media,” he says.

Being known for his ultimate talent in photography, he is also admired for helping the animals in need. “I try to contribute my bit for strays. It is painful to see them suffer on the streets,” he says with a request to others to step in to improve animal lives in whichever possible manner.

Talking about his journey and future plans, he says, “It has been an amazing journey so far, and I shall continue clicking photographs in a bid to create a perfect photograph. Yes, I am aware that there is nothing called a perfect photograph, but I shall still happily carry on my search for one.”

If you are interested to know more about Dnyanesh and Maxraj photography, make sure to view his work on Facebook.




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