ACS IT Solutions Reimagining Sales Automation and Customer Satisfaction with AI Based CRM

India’s automotive industry expects the recovery from pandemic downturns to continue in 2023. However, experts predict a record sales growth of up to 7.5% for domestic vehicles amid growing concerns over rising covid cases, slower economic growth and inflation. Retailers would see their traditional automotive dealership model evolve to integrate innovations in AI, digital customer experiences, and the surge of electric vehicles.

The existing retailer model may not undergo a top-to-bottom transformation. Still, a profound perspective change is underway as technology trends such as car sharing, connected cars, and direct selling by OEMs become dearer to customers. Also, as digital consumption peaks, businesses must align their selling prospects with customer web search preferences and focus on providing a digitally engaging sales experience. Web-based sales queries galloped from 5 to 40 per cent, and 4 out of 6 touchpoints of any customer journey with a dealership are now digital.

” A streamlined, efficient sales operations or workforce in place allows automobile dealers to invest more time in addressing other challenges such as lower footfall due to direct selling by OEMs, supply chain disruptions, and rise of EVs. Here is where SalesProV8 comes into action by providing a platform or a CRM that automates complete operations from bottom line to customer satisfaction,” says Mr. Laneesh K Sathyan, the Head of Operations of ACS IT Solutions.

ACS released the eighth or latest version of SalesPro on 22nd July 2022. The new version leverages machine learning, predictive analytics, and advanced digital tools to transform every facet of your business, from productivity, management, and customer satisfaction to foot-line profits.

SalesPro8 offers end-to-end showroom management. Retailers can take informed decisions or identify fast-moving models from vehicle booking and customer enquiry data insights. Customer follow-ups and vehicle service history at the fingertips help front-line sales teams create the best first impression (engage) upon customers and improve their retention.

When it comes to delighting customers and providing the best digital user experience, SalesPro8 takes dealerships way ahead with the latest features.



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