Actor Uttam Raj proves how sheer willpower and great acting abilities will take one long way in glamour world

The Film industry is enormous, glitzy, and rich with captivating tales. Along with that, it is also full of people who have overcome great obstacles to get where they are. Everyone finds inspiration in their life story, which inspires them to put more effort into achieving their objectives. Uttam Raj is one such guy whose journey has been a rollercoaster, but despite that, he has been successful in carving out a name for himself in the constantly changing, fiercely competitive film industry. Through sheer willpower and great acting abilities, the multi-talented actor has achieved success in the film industry and is continuously working to bring about change in the realm.

Born and brought up in the city of Aurangabad, Bihar, Uttam Raj did not have much exposure to the world of cinema and Instagram. However, whenever he went to watch movies in a cinema hall with his family or friends, he got more and more inclined towards the whole concept. All this, led to Uttam wanting to become an actor and he started working towards that dream. From taking acting classes to practising to participating in small plays for skill enhancement, he did it all.

Being a son of a hardworking farmer, Uttam Raj’s family sometimes did face a financial backlog but his parents never let that come over his acting practice. This only motivated him to work hard and refine his skills so much that he can give back to his parents. With acting Uttam Raj also explored the field of singing and further dug deep into it. After constant work and dedication, Uttam Raj had his breakthrough. Post that, things kept falling into place for him. His album Balam Ji got so many positive reviews and became the talk of the town. Soon after that, his short film My Life helped him in gaining popularity. All this was only possible because of the efforts Uttam puts into everything he does.

While talking about his journey, Uttam Raj says, “I won’t be lying when I say that the path to reach till here was a tough one but, I, now am nothing but grateful that I chose it as it only carved me into a better, a hardworking and a humble person. I am so grateful that I not only did something that made me happy but also explored so many other fields while working towards my dream. I even met so many amazing people on this journey who taught me something or the other. I am glad to be on this journey and will do all in my power to make it worthwhile and also to give it all back to my parents.”

Being a prodigy in the acting world, Uttam Raj has made a name for himself in the domain. Over that, he also understood the content creation game and thus even started working towards it. This ultimately helped him gain a decent following on Instagram. The multi-talented artist aspires to become even more well-known for his work. He also has two short films in the pipeline, one is Girlfriend and Ex-Girlfriend and the other is GF with Friend. Uttam Raj has truly demonstrated that ‘If you can dream it, you can definitely achieve it’ by his commitment and devotion towards his aim.








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