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Advocate Sumayya Najeeb Embarks A Change In Society With Her Grind In Women Empowerment

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(Advocate Sumayya calls on civil society to focus more on family counselling, parenting, premarital education and women empowerment )

Advocate Sumayya Najeeb managed to bring a change in society with her initiatives focusing on women empowerment and family counseling. Her efforts have brought in scores of people to attend lessons on parenting and marital education in society. Urging people to focus on these matters, Sumayya envisions enhancing the women’s quality of living in every community. 

Born and brought up in Ahmedabad and Kerala, Sumayya has gained a varied form of experience via traveling and traversing through issues of society that had inspired the ‘activist’ in her. Her husband Mr. KM Najeeb has been a big support to back her in all such social interventions. Owing to her confidence and aptitude of social awareness to her parents Jamal and Fasil Jamal, Sumayya often mentions how her upbringing paid a major role in inspiring her to do what she is doing now.

It was during the days of her education that she evolved into a social entrepreneur. Completing her law from Sri Krishna college in Karnataka, Sumayya enrolled herself as an advocate in 2019. Now, she is working under Adv Sukul Qadar of the Kollam Bar association. 

Najeeb has won a lot of laurels from regional media for conducting law awareness sessions for women and also adolescent training which focuses on value education for future generations. It is her special initiative that she inculcates legal values and ethics in youngsters. In addition to it, she ensures that sessions are held across schools and colleges to spread awareness for the same. 

While talking about the prominence of equality in society, advocate Sumayya Najeeb says, “The two most important aspects women and the society need to take care is proper marital education and sessions on parenting”. Her social entrepreneurship group provides such sessions free of cost to marginalized sections and backward communities in the state of Kerala. 

The women group led by Sumayya regularly visits old age homes, female jails and facilitates education and awareness sessions. Being a part of various charity initiatives heralds her core belief lies in, “A lady has to empower herself and also remember that she is not an island. Her true empowerment comes with family and active social life. The path for this is through education, employment and engaging deeply with family and society”. 

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