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Agro realty firm Hebbevu brings organic farming opportunities for city dwellers

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With a motto that says, “Happiness for Humans and the Environment”, Hebbevu- an agro-realty firm, is heralding a new generation of farmers, who are well-versed with the necessary management practices.


Founded by former bankers, Amith and Ashrith Kishan, this leading brand offers attractive opportunities for small-time investors.



As the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the business activities across the globe, this agro-realty firm is working relentlessly to create a highly profitable business opportunity for regular customers, who don’t have access to significant capital but are looking to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.


With its headquarters located in Bangalore, Hebbevu has proved to be the change agent in agriculture. People are becoming more health-conscious amidst Covid-19 pandemic resulting in demand for organic foods which is driving the exponential growth of organic farming.


The company adopts organic methods by keeping in mind the pressing need to protect the environment. The company also runs on a motive that says, “Happiness for Humans and the Environment.” Right from using natural fertilizers to optimized biological productivity, Hebbevu is dedicated to earning profits for its investors through ethical means.


This collaborative platform also allows investors to take up agricultural practice as well as trade-in commodities. Whether it is timber plantation, cattle-rearing or cash crops, there are multiple ways to deal in and earn a profit. In fact, the dairy products that they produce from rearing rare cattle breeds like Sahiwal, Ongole, Gir Kankrej and Rati, are further marketed through direct vendors under the subsidiary brand, Ksheera Organic Milk.


The global pandemic has made people more aware about adopting a healthy lifestyle. People all over the world are switching to organic food trends. Thus, Hebbevu helps investors to take part in activities which can foster a healthier lifestyle with 100 percent original and effective organic products.


Speaking of the path-breaking endeavour, Amith and Ashrith say, “Hebbevu intends to mobilize the available knowledge, innovation and best practice to create an evolving agri-business market, to help people get back to the basics. Ours is an agro-realty company that caters specifically to individuals interested in land investment in South India.” Describing their venture as “a platform for people looking for a second home away from their present home,” the Kishans are also targeting families looking for holiday homes in the lap of nature. What’s more, is that investment will not only help the promotion of organic farming, it will also lend weight to sustainable development.


However, beyond organic farming and dairy products, Hebbevu organic farming company is also known for its holistic approach towards development. The land development is done in a wholesale manner, including internal access roads, water and electric infrastructure, indoor/outdoor activity zones, swimming pools, etc are all part of the development plan and it is the company that takes care of everything. The investor just has to put in his money in the project!


Hebbevu’s vision is to offer 100 percent ownership to its customers in lieu of the capital. The company takes care of the management of the farmland, plantation, harvesting, and marketing of resulting goods. As per Hebbevu management, “Investing with Hebbevu is no less than indulging in farming yourself, without getting into the dirt!”

Hebbevu offers a lifetime chance to be in the lap of nature without worrying about how!


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