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Arun Smoki Talks About How He Turned His Afflictions To Prosperity

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Gone are the days when people were stuck to the television. The growth of social media has opened up a lot of opportunities for people across the globe to show off their talents and creative minds. Among such users are a few individuals who have availed this opportunity to make their viewers aware about social events and other related matters, and have inspired people with their dedication.

Today we will look at a Malayali who is rocking on the YouTube platform with his own style and mannerisms. Like most people who are enthusiasts, he too has his own passion — vehicles. If you want to know A to Z about vehicles, be it a two wheeler or a four wheeler, or if you are crazy about bikes and reviews about bikes, this Malayali’s channel is your go-to.

Meet Mr Arun, better known as Arun Smoki, one of South India’s top You Tubers who speaks about motorcycles and cars in depth.



Embarking on his YouTube journey three years ago,  Arun has cooked up a storm by riding South India’s top most automobile channel. Arun’s love and craze for bikes from his childhood days led him to join YouTube in 2017. Raised in Thrissur, Kerala, he started reviewing bikes and cars through YouTube, his channel soaring to more than 960k subscribers. Besides YouTube, he is quite popular on other social platforms as well. As of today, he has over 300k + Likes on his Facebook page and 630k+ followers on Instagram.


Arun’s videos feature everything from new and modified bike and car reviews to innovations of youngsters from remote places. A demo Lamborghini car made by a young boy in Kerala came to limelight through his video. Watching his videos gives you a good insight into biking, especially if you are one who loves your motorbike.


After he came across a series of bike accidents, he felt the need to spread awareness on responsible driving among the youth. It was a time when there was a vacant space in YouTube for a channel exclusively for bikes. He tapped into the potential and struck success. He had no intention of making a living out of it when he began his channel. But as he succeeded in getting 50k subscribers in just two months, he realized the impulse within himself to achieve his dream. From living out of a rented house, he has now fulfilled his dream of living in his own house.


Arun’s videos mostly revolve around bike reviews, handy tips for vehicles, unboxing products, related social issues, and of course, his trips. Apart from this channel, he has another channel which is solely devoted to his travelling and personal experience.  Arun has journeyed all over India by motorbike, covering 16, 000kms across 20 states in 2019.

He is the sole admin of the famous Facebook group, ‘Bike Prandhanmar’ which has an overwhelmingly large number of members.


Follow your passion; don’t worry about the income.

Understand your viewers and their sentiments.

Take constructive criticism from your viewers.

Have a lot of patience.

Be a socially responsible person.

If you are a bike lover or go crazy over bikes and cars,  we are sure this is definitely your cup of tea that you need to taste!

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