‘Bharatpedia,’ India’s First User-Friendly Platform For Reliable Sources


Bharatpedia, a website that offers information and material on a wide range of topics. Like Wikipedia, the former has developed its own collection of equally reliable data and emerged as India’s wiki-based encyclopedia.

Founded in August 2020, Bharatpedia is used by a variety of corporations, organizations, and business people to spread the word about their businesses and make people aware of what they do. It is increasingly used by academics, from freshmen to tenured professors, as an easily accessible source of knowledge about anything and everything, as well as a fast “ready guide” to get an elaborate sense of a subject.

Adults who struggle to understand or read, such as those with a learning disability, can use Bharatpedia’s user-friendly content to have an enjoyable learning experience. It has proved to be an excellent resource for beginners learning English.

Just like Wikipedia, it is based on volunteers and trusted sources, and anyone with or without an account can edit it. The platform is an open-source website built with the MediaWiki programme that allows anyone to build pages citing credible sources.

The platform offers free resources to help people with and model some of the practices that are often associated with future research-based writing.

Bharatpedia caters to the needs of people of all ages, answering their questions and providing a forum for searching for knowledge on a variety of topics.


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