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Chinnathambi: Serving the poor with reasonable yet luscious food 

Chinnathambi: Serving the poor with reasonable yet luscious food 
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In our day-to-day life, we hear many stories but there are only a few which win hearts and change the way people look at things. One such incredible story is of Chinnathambi from Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu. With his soulful efforts and sacrificing nature, Mr. Chinnathambi is not only captivating the attention of the masses but is also becoming an inspiration for millions of people to follow the same lead that he is following. Chinnathambi, a renowned name in the food industry is the only one who serves dosas at ₹2 each, idli podi at ₹3 each, and if it is an ‘uttapam’, dressed with onions and carrots, it costs ₹4. The 49-year-old Chinnathambi serves the dishes till midnight and makes 600-800 dosas daily. 

Chinnathambi: Serving the poor with reasonable yet luscious food 
Chinnathambi: Serving the poor with reasonable yet luscious food

His dosa shop is located near the Woraiyur police station in Tiruchi and visitors from all across the city come to eat and taste the special delicacy that he is known for. From serving dosas, idlis, parottas, uttapams, and omelets with free side dishes up till midnight at prices that are next to nothing, he is setting a true example of humanity. The dosa shop was established five years ago with the mission to not let anyone sleep with an empty stomach and sad faces. Earlier, Mr. Chinnathambi was a cook and has worked at a nearby restaurant for many years. But then after meeting many people who do not get even access to proper food he decided to open his own shop where he will feed the poor at very reasonable prices. 

Talking about his journey, Chinnathambi says, “Behind launching my dosa shop was the mission to serve the poor people with delicious food. I believe helping people and bringing smiles to their faces is greater than earning profit. Because in this way you get the blessing of many and become a blessing to many. There are many nights when I sleep hungry but it does not bother me because I have been able to become the medium to feed people who are less privileged.” 

From youth to elder, everyone comes to the Chinnathambi dosa shop and goes back with satisfied eyes and smiling faces. On a daily basis, he feeds over 100 customers. He has two daughters of which one is in class 10 and the other one in class 9. His wife has been the biggest support in his entire journey and helped him in preparing coconut and ‘kara’ chutney, two varieties of kurma and sambhar. Chinnathambi is a living example of how you can have a big heart and help people in their journey. 


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