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Dhruval Shah changing the dynamics of the Jewelry industry

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The art of adornment and beauty has been in humanity from the dawn of civilizations. Jewelry is something that is passed down through generations and grows in value with each passing day. Taking up jewellery as a business is not for the faint hearted, since it involves a great deal of creativity, effort, money, and adherence to certain standards. Those who keep the foundations firm and adhere to the revolutionary ideas, however, will undoubtedly succeed. One such entrepreneur behind an exemplary online jewelry aggregator brand is Dhruval Shah who is bringing the best strategies and inventions to the creative table. 

Dhruval Shah, the founder of Jewelegance, seeks to introduce a breath of ease to the tiresome process of traditional jewelry shopping from the showrooms. Riding on his experience as a strategic consultant for retail jewelry stores, Dhruval along with his co-founders Darshan and Gunjan Soni made the move to enter the jewelry industry to bring the best shopping experience in the industry.

Holding a masters degree in Computer Application, Dhruval has always been aware of the digital transformation that helps people with their shopping experience. Having exposure in the jewelry industry, he adapted to locate the absence of a reliable online jewelry platform that could offer customers a credible diamond and gold jewelry purchasing journey from the comfort of their homes.

Answering the call, Dhruval Shah decided to launch his brand Jewelegance  along with Darshan Soni and Gunjan Soni in 2018 to cater to every jewelry need of their customers.Following the customer-centric approach, Dhruval Shah established a high-value digital jewellery marketplace with a strong global presence.

As a business leader, Dhruval aims at empowering the women population in India. Therefore, at Jewelegance, 90% of the workforce consists of female folks who contribute to the social project of women empowerment. From marketing to sales to photography, almost every department at his company is headed by talented women adding to the progressive mindset of the company and its founder.  

The brand Jewelegance has already gained the trust of the customers scattered across the globe in every aspect including design, price, purity, authenticity, and delivery. Dhruval Shah is further planning to invest more in their unique customer-centric model to improve the quality of their services and make Jewelegance a household name.  


Meenakshi Rathore

This was the best experience, shopping with Jewelegance. They had awesome collection in almost all range. Customer support was really appreciated. And best in all were pricing, it is most competitive in the market.

Rashmi A

The product looks so beautiful just as the picture. Well I have bought from here previously and they have never failed to give their best. I loved the haar (chain) I bought it’s just pretty and they also hallmark the gold and you can be assured about the purity. Well done!

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