Wed. Aug 10th, 2022
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It’s summer season again, and you are probably thinking of buying a new AC or replacing your old AC with a new one. However, when it comes to buying an AC, buyers today look beyond a mere cooling machine. Instead, they want a wholesome air-conditioning experience that comprises a balance of good air conditioning, intelligent features, and easy maintenance. 

Hitachi Cooling & HeatingIndia understands the needs of this new age AC buyer and offers a wide range of ACs that can be perfect for modern households. The company already has an enviable track record and a long history of providing some of the finest air conditioning solutions to its customers.

The latest Hitachi Cooling & Heating India ACs have taken air-conditioning to a whole new level with their iconic wave design that effortlessly blends with the surroundings. Also, Hitachi ACs offer many smart and customer-centric features to make life easier for you.

Some Useful Features of Hitachi ACs

  • Ambience Light

The ambience light feature is inspired by the different seasons. Now you can set your room temperature to recreate the seasonal ambienceAmbience Light is a premium immersive display that helps you to know your ambience be it Cool, Comfort or Warm.

  • Cool Ambience

The ambience display is blue, indicating a cool ambience when the set temperature is set between 16~23°C.

  • Comfort Ambience

When the set temperature is between 24~27 °C, the ambience light display is green – indicating comfort ambience.

  • Warm Ambience


When the temperature is set between28~32°C, the ambience light turns redindicatinga warm and cozy environment.

  • FrostWash Technology


The revolutionary FrostWash automatically cleans the AC indoor unit coil to reduce the need for maintenance.

How FrostWash Works?

Dust gets accumulated on the IDU coil over a period which affects the AC’s performance. The FrostWash technology uses the dew collected from the air moisture to create a frost on the IDU coil. The frost traps the dust particles and bacteria accumulated over the coil.

After some time, the frost melts and drains out along with the dirt trapped in it. The coil then dries up, becoming clean again to continue offering fresh air.

  • airCloudHome :Wifi-Enabled AC

Hitachi ACs come with Wi-Fi compatibility feature known as Hitachi airCloud Home. The feature allows you to remotely monitor and control your air conditioning system from a dedicated app installed on your smartphone. Using voice commands, you can perform some cool operations using the airCloudHome app. 

  • Smart-Fence

Imagine your AC automatically turning on when you arrive home. The Smart-Fence feature connects your AC to your geolocation. You can set the Smart-fence perimeter from 500m to 10km around your house as per your convenience.

Once the perimeter is set, you can set the AC to start automatically when you come within the set perimeter or switch it off when you leave and go beyond the set perimeter.

Apart from the features mentioned here, Hitachi Cooling & HeatingIndia offers numerous other air conditioners with features that can make the summer enjoyable for your entire family. So, it might be the right time to bring home a new and pleasant air conditioning experience.

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