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Famous architect Javier Pioz bringing the best designs to the table via Cliffton Valley

Famous architect Javier Pioz bringing the best designs to the table via Cliffton Valley
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When it comes to building a structure, architects are known for establishing design philosophies based on their prior experience and priorities. These ideologies go on to define a city’s skyline or an era’s style, and they represent pivotal moments in the evolution of architecture. Some theories by the famous architects become the unwritten laws or principles that they observe during the design process. Others go on to change the industry by defying the established rules. One such example is Javier Pioz who is bringing innovations in the architectural world and is the brain behind creating exemplary architectural designs for the luxury Cliffton Valley apartments.

Javier Pioz is the mastermind of Cliffton Valley’s stunning and fascinating facade, as well as the first architect in Spain to use modern bionics in his work. With his visionary mindset and eye for creativity, the famous architect Javier Pioz has built an exemplary contemporary complex that puts the urbanites closer to the houses designed to abide by the natural surroundings. The architect dives into creativity and produces designs that bring revolution in the world of architecture. Recently, the architect was also awarded with the prestigious award of being the best architect in germany.

This luxurious apartment has modern comforts as well as gorgeous open living areas that embody the genuine definition of an elevated lifestyle. It blends in beautifully with its natural and raw surroundings. It provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Cliffton Valley offers 1/2/3 bedroom  flat in Shimla , Himachal Pradesh. The cleanest and most environmentally friendly location.

Talking about his creative journey, Javier Pioz, says, “I have always been passionate about designing spaces and bringing them to life. With the aim to innovate and bring something extraordinary to the creative realm, I have time and again invested my time in designing spaces that give you the feel of serenity and warmth. Nothing in the world makes me more happier than bringing smiles on the faces of people with my creative outlook. And in the future also, I promise to build spaces that fit up to the expectations of people and make them feel honored and special.”

Cliffton Valley has exceptional open living rooms that reflect the true concept of a luxurious lifestyle with a modern and natural touch. The first on the list of amenities is a fascinatingly constructed new neighborhood with its spellbinding draw for exaggerated beauty, located nearby famous street shopping hub, ‘Mall road’. Another element that sets it apart is that it was designed by Javier Pioz, a world-renowned architect. A sun-drenched eastern exposure, a community clubhouse, children’s play spaces, a terrace garden, a sun and view deck, a yoga room, a TV screen room, and, most importantly, adequate and covered parking are just some of the features.



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