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Filmmaker Raghav Diwan Continues To Bewilder His Audience With Exemplary Performances

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OTT Platforms experienced a huge surge in the last year that was 2020. With the viewership increasing every day, so did the demand for content. Hence, a lot of content creators were seen on screen doing what they do best. Among all the stupendous talents we saw, one that stood out was Raghav Diwan, the filmmaker with remarkable abilities and a phenomenal sense of direction.

Born and brought up in Bhopal, Raghav can be found in the well-praised web series named ‘DOORS’ that acquired colossal love from crowds everywhere around the world. Having made 70 short films till now, this forthcoming producer is rejuvenating a new attitude toward the cinema, through his insightful heading and acting abilities.

He tried his hand at different magic shows during his early days under the guidance of the commended entertainer Shri Nafees Hussain for around three years. Be that as it may, with an enthusiasm to make something else for himself made him practice his vocation in acting and theatre. This enthusiasm took him to his city of Dreams where he went through the standard struggling time frame. He slept where he could find a place and starved himself for auditions but nothing dwindled his love to achieve what he dreamt of.

The woman karma beamed on him and he got his first break to work in a music video, with the Bollywood excellence Pooja Bhatt. From that point forward, he continued working now and again and as he grew so did the world of his opportunities. He learnt with each step and developed himself for the greater good.

He was invited to be the guest speaker at “Digital Dream Session” of the FIICI Frames 2017, where he talked alongside specialists like Ashish Kulkarni, Tisca Chopra, Vivek Kajaria and Paula McGlynn. Raghav’s commitment is the most excellent character attribute that keeps him roused towards making more statures of progress throughout everyday life.

His excellent demeanour has made Raghav a celebrated movie producer and entertainer in the business. With the creation of 70 short films, all reported and scripted extraordinarily and in an unexpected way, Raghav has effectively been making his own niche.

He can be found on Instagram as MagicianRaghav. No big surprise that he is making sorcery onscreen just as on the web while carrying on with his fantasy life as a movie producer!

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