Founded by Sandeep Gupta, e’clat Superior redefines skin care with utmost affection

Healthy and well-nourished skin is the new definition of beauty and thus the revolutionary skincare brand e’clat Superior is bringing a skincare ritual series that gives you a mild and nourishing selection of highly effective skincare products keeping your skin healthy and vibrant. The skincare brand perfectly knows how to nourish your skin to bring charm and glow. Embodied with magical recipes that arrest the attention of the masses, the brand focuses on regaining the natural balance of the skin and puts forward the notion of timeless beauty and rejuvenation.

eclat superior
eclat superior

Skincare as a market segment is growing at a faster pace than any other part of the beauty industry as more and more people shift their focus towards pampering their skin with powerful skincare regimens. The skincare brand fortifies the chronicles, skin-benefiting segments, extract to preserve the purity, combine in true proportions, and bring out the incredible potions. With its highly effective products rich in active ingredients that cleanse, nourish, and moisturize as well as provide protection from sun and pollution, the brand is making your skincare journey easy and flawless.

Sandeep Gupta, the founder of the incredible skincare brand says, “The brand incorporates high-quality ingredients and has a constructive team of skin experts who are meticulously working to bring out the best and change the way women think about their skin rituals.

With his innovative mind and purposeful approach, the founder is investing in new skincare

remedies that tick the right boxes.” He further says, ”At e’clat Superior we live, breath and love what we do. We have heaps of energy and passion and everything is infused with it. Moreover, the most important goal of e’clat Superior is not only to delight but to reward your skin with outstanding long-term benefits with the product range developed with the most gifted product creators and using the empirical knowledge of skin science.”

The brand is among the first ones who have introduced vitamin C serum and Glutathione supplement in India and have pioneered many ingredients like multi-molecular HA or Butyl Resorcinol. Merging scientific measures with vitamin-rich ingredients, the brand is coming up with an extraordinary unique blend that focuses on skin health and texture.

The brand carefully concocts mixtures in appropriate proportions to bring extraordinary results that make people fall in love with their skincare regimen.

There is a wide range of e’clat Superior products that will perfectly suit your skincare needs and entails a line of skincare elixirs that are the solutions to all needs. Some of them include e’clat Superior Fadeout – Hyperpigmentation & Acne Spots Correcting Serum – 30 ml, e’clat Superior Niacinamide 10% Serum for Skin barrier and Large open pores – 30 ml, ANE EDIT – Acne Correcting Serum with Salicylic acid & Tea Tree Oil – 30 ml, and many more. For healthy and glowing skin you need to embrace your daily skincare routine. Keeping this in mind, the efficacious team at e’clat Superior is manufacturing products that bring back the long-lasting charm that makes you the star of the night. Check out e’clat Superior exclusive range of products, and it is for sure that you’ll find everything you were looking for.


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