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How to Have Perfect Relations with Your Partner by Prriya Kaur, The Famous Author & Life Coach

Priyya kaur
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“What defines a truly perfect relationship? “

“Is it the way you and your partner communicate or is it establishing relationship guidelines?”

“And what defines a weak relationship?”

It all boils down to a few relationship guidelines. Relationships are complex and challenging. 

A relationship may easily become a nightmare if we have too many rules. How then can couples learn to establish healthy relationship norms that will safeguard and nurture their relationship while keeping them connected? 

According to famous Author, Life & Relationship Coach Ms Prriya Kaur, it all comes down to a few very effective master relationship skills.

  1. Focus on mastering your partner’s deepest needs and desires: To have a truly magnificent relationship — the kind that is so full of joy, passion, and ecstasy that it feels like a dream — you need to first understand the psychology of human needs. If you can find a way to meet all your partner’s needs, your relationship will become a vehicle for deep and meaningful fulfilment. 


  1. Understand your partner’s love language: Do you want to feel the same passion like you did in the early days of your relationship? You may be ready to listen and give, but how do you know what it is that your partner wants? If you can’t speak their “love language,” you will find that lack of passion in your relationships will be an ongoing issue. 


Learning not only to recognize but also to appreciate your partner’s perspective may be challenging at times. But with discipline, practice and emotional maturity, you will be able to find new ways of understanding your partner’s point of view. And by doing so you will not only find that you can enrich your vision of reality but also create a new level of intimacy in your relationship.


  1. Understand your heart chakras energy: The heart chakra is responsible for how we feel about ourselves and others. It is here that we focus on our connections and relationships. When your heart chakra is open and balanced, you’re likely to be more compassionate, loving, centred, and at peace. Chakra atonements help to open the chakras, balance them and free them of blockages.


  1. Overcome insecurity and stress: Many people create unnecessary stress by either being insecure or comparing their relationships with others. Comparing your relationship to others is a guaranteed way to ruin it. On social media, everyone puts their best foot forward, but keep in mind that you aren’t seeing behind the scenes. Nobody else matters as long as you’re content with your relationship rules.

So, are you ready to start living the life you’ve always wanted by experiencing the kind of love you could only imagine? 

You will notice a change in your relationship as you and your partner learn to constantly follow the master relationship skills by Ms. Prriya Kaur. By doing so, you’ll find that your relationship is addressing both of your needs, rather than feeling unbalanced, thus drawing you closer together into a fulfilling relationship.

Prriya Kaur is an Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Reiki Grandmaster and a renowned Life Coach. She is an author of six internationally bestselling books and the founder Director of Prriya Success Academy, United Kingdom.



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