Mon. Jul 4th, 2022
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Every minute, around 100 people get hospitalized, 30 health insurance claims are filed, and 7 out of the 10 are from the middle-class population in India who do not have health insurance. Out-of-pocket expenditures (OOPE) in India are highest, contributing directly to the high prevalence of catastrophic expenditures and poverty. In India, this stands at 60%, which is higher than the global average, says Khushboo Jain, founder of ImpactGuru.


ImpactGuru is a donation-based crowdsourcing platform that was founded in 2014. Crowdsourcing offers a compassionate solution to those who are fighting a critical illness. ImpactGuru tries to make healthcare accessible, affordable, and secure the lives of families for a better future.


The idea behind establishing a crowdsourcing platform is to allow people to raise money without any hassle and payback stress. The couple found the venture to make healthcare services affordable in the country and thought that social media and digital services could be a medium for raising funds. Mrs. Jain believes “ Crowdsourcing is an alternative method of raising funds online for medical expenses with the patients or their friends or family, primarily relying on social media networks to mobilize donors to finance the relevant medical bills.”


Mrs. Jain thinks that her creation “ImpactGuru” has changed the practices of how illness was treated not through loans or insurance or selling assets but by crowdfunding. The platform has switched to utilize the opportunities provided by the technology. Such platforms support AI story builders for medical fundraising with standardized templates and stories. 


ImpactGuru, since taking off, has mobilized Rs.1,500 crore with its service, including global partners. Over 10 Lakh donors from 165 countries donated to the cause. As per the estimates of the founder, on average, 1.5 donations every one minute is given on the platform.


ImpactGuru is impacting many lives through its venture. The platform has also achieved many awards, such as the SKOCH awards, Government of India, National Commission for Minorities, NITI Aayog, and United Nations- 2019 Women transforming Indian awards. 




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