International LGBTQ Leaders Conference 2022

The 38th Annual International LGBTQ Leaders Conference 2022 is set to commence this winter between November 30 and December 3 at the JW Marriott in Washington, DC. Victory Institute is once again hosting the annual conference and will be welcoming over 600 LGBTQ elected officials, leaders, and advocates from across the globe who will be coming together for the event. 4 days of networking and skills building for strategizing the community’s plans for advancing their movement for equality in the coming year will be the focus of the conference. Registrations will be closing soon so aspiring members should move fast to secure their spots.

According to the SDGLN news, The upcoming event will feature substantive sessions delivered by prominent leaders about the various policies affecting the LGBTQ communities. Members will have networking opportunities to engage with some of the most influential members of the community and exchange ideas on advancing equality across the world.

The conference will be host to hundreds of LGBTQ leaders and appointed officials around the globe and attended by policy experts, journalists, and creative influencers of the LGBTQ culture and politics. The International LGBTQ Leaders Conference convenes every year for 4 days in Washington DC to discuss strategies for strengthening their movement for equality and to provide skill-building and networking opportunities. The attendees get the opportunity to learn the best practices across various policy areas and meet other leaders who are at the frontlines of their struggle for equality in global communities.

According to Ricardo Lara, the Leaders Conference is the only place where you can network with the LGBTQ’s top elected officials including members of Congress, mayors, and state legislators in one place. He says the opportunity for strategizing the plans for the movement with colleagues from around the world is invaluable to build coordination and effect meaningful change. Ricardo is the Insurance commissioner of California who was the first openly gay person to be elected into statewide office in the history of the state.

About Victory Institute:

The Victory Institute is one of the only national organization that is dedicated to elevating openly LGBTQ leaders who can bring about equality for their community at all levels of government. They provide training and professional development programs to hundreds of individuals who have the potential for an influential career in politics, government, business, and advocacy. They work to increase the representation of LGBTQ in public offices through their programs and services and to support their success in various domains.

The institute was launched as Victory Foundation in 1993 to begin training current and future LGBTQ candidates and campaign workers to ensure a successful career in public service.

They later expanded their programming to include the Presidential Appointments Initiative, which works to place members of their community in presidential administrations that support equality, and the international Leaders Conference which brings hundreds of LGBTQ officials across the globe.

In 2013, the Victory Institute expanded its reach to extend its services to the LGBTQ communities in developing countries such as Colombia, Peru, and the Balkans by partnering with the U.S Agency for International Development. It was a groundbreaking program at the time and it has now expanded to serve other countries such as the Dominican Republic, Honduras, India, and South Africa.


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