Kaushalya UK Unveils ‘The New Woman’, Breakthroughs In Women Empowerment!

A book of its own kind is to share stories of empowered women.  Kaushalya Uk, a UK-based organization is set to launch its first anthology of stories of women from all across the world.

Kaushalya UK is a women’s organization that empowers and uplifts women of all backgrounds in a holistic manner. Ms. Ritu Sharma, founder of Kaushalya UK is an ambassador and true believer of women empowerment. Her vision is to contribute to the positive change in the world by challenging the status quo. She insists that it is possible for men and women to co-exist in harmony and that there is absolutely no need for one gender to dominate the other.

According to Ms. Sharma, “Our book ‘The New Woman’ is proof that no one can break a woman determined to rise. Once a woman knows what she is worth, she will never settle for less. No one should!”

This is an exclusive book that has stories of success through adversity. The book features women from 5 continents, all races, backgrounds and cultures.

The New Woman- Stories of Kintsugi Experiences is a book that will inspire every woman, to be the best she can be! Kintsugi, the Japanese art of fixing broken objects beautifully with gold, has been valued over centuries. When women with immense courage overcome the heart-breaking challenges, which can destroy their inner spirit, these women become super powerful! 

They are almost goddesses of mythology, who inspire people with their miraculous transformation. From weak wives/ women to strong pillars of support for families and wider communities, these women are now living their life on their own terms.

When women lose the fear of what they have been conditioned to believe, when they decide to stand up to social norms that restrict and control them, they evolve into ‘The New Woman’. 33 powerful voices come together in this great anthology, put together by Ritu Sharma, who reaches out to them to inspire and empower women to be true to themselves. These are tales of truth and courage, stories of Kintsugi experiences.

Ritu says, “Stories are essential building blocks of empathy and human connection.  Sharing our stories become of utmost importance if and when these reflect lived experiences and are capable of both bringing healing and changing lives.”

The New Woman, compiled by Ritu Sharma, published by Book Brilliance Publishing, 24th July 2021.


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