Maheshwar Laxmi Memorial Foundation: Working As a Ray of Hope For Many Lives

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) stand as beacons of hope in the vast landscape of humanitarian efforts. Their unwavering commitment to serving the underprivileged and marginalised communities has transformed countless lives, offering a ray of hope in the darkest of times. NGOs work tirelessly to empower individuals, provide educational opportunities, offer healthcare support, and extend aid during crises. Among these remarkable organisations, the Maheshwar Laxmi Memorial Foundation founded by Dr Anil Kumar shines prominently, making a profound impact on society and uplifting the lives of the specially-abled and underprivileged individuals it serves.

Committed to complete development

Maheshwar Laxmi Memorial Foundation, led by Dr Anil Kumar, is a revolutionary NGO committed to the complete development of specially-abled individuals. It offers self-development and job opportunities, financial aid to underprivileged families, sports training, and motivation to Divyang people. Their free computer training centre empowers underprivileged female students with comprehensive computer literacy, ensuring better career prospects in the digital era.

Spreading love through Samuhik Vivah

Another commendable initiative undertaken by the Maheshwar Laxmi Memorial Foundation is that the organisation supports families through Samuhik Vivah Sangthan, a noble endeavour to support families burdened by the expenses of marriage. The foundation shoulders the entire expense of these mass weddings, and with the government’s generous contribution of Rs. 51,000 per couple, it enables couples to embark on their new journey with joy.

Ray of Hope during the COVID-19 pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the Maheshwar Laxmi Memorial Foundation swiftly came into action by demonstrating its commitment to serving the community. The foundation played an instrumental role in supporting frontline health workers, providing them with much-needed hygiene and personal protective equipment kits (PPE Kits). Additionally, the NGO distributed COVID-care medical kits, essential medicines, and free food packets to COVID patients and migrant labourers in Delhi. In addition to this, the NGO established an oxygen bank in Gujarat’s Gandhidham, offering free oxygen cylinder refills to COVID patients. Collaborating with Laxmi Bai College, the NGO facilitated the arrangement of patient beds.

Provides free health checkups & medical care

Beyond the realm of disaster response, the NGO has collaborated with Jivodaya Hospital at Ashok Vihar in Delhi to organise medical camps at various locations, providing free health checkups and medical care to the underserved population. With a focus on creating awareness about healthcare, the medical camps also aim to refer individuals for specialized treatments or surgeries when required, ensuring timely interventions for better health outcomes.

Apart from its extensive work in the healthcare sector, the Maheshwar Laxmi Memorial Foundation has been actively involved in the construction of huge eye hospitals in Muzaffarpur Bela Road, Bihar. These hospitals have been instrumental in offering medical care and treatment to patients in need, contributing to the improvement of eye healthcare facilities in the region. Furthermore, the NGO has taken progressive steps towards preventing future migration of North Indians during crises. By building 14 rooms at Uttar Bhartiya Kutch Sewa Samaj in Gandhidham, the foundation has extended support and free medical checkups to the community and their families, empowering them to withstand challenging circumstances with resilience.

About the entrepreneurial journey of Anil Kumar

Dr Anil Kumar, the founder of the Maheshwar Laxmi Memorial Foundation, has been a guiding force, epitomizing compassion, dedication, and relentless service to humanity. His unwavering commitment to empowering the specially abled, supporting underprivileged students, and uplifting communities during crises has earned him the esteemed Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Inspiration Award in 2023.

The NGO’s transformative work has touched countless lives, demonstrating that with a vision, dedication, and collaborative efforts, profound positive change can be brought to communities in need. By focusing on the holistic development of Divyang individuals and providing education, healthcare, and support during crises, the NGO continues to serve as a powerful catalyst for change and progress. It is an organization that stands as a testament to the boundless impact that compassion and philanthropy can achieve, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those it touches.


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