Meet elderly fashion influencers Mr. and Mrs. Verma making strides online

Meet elderly fashion influencers Mr. and Mrs. Verma
Meet elderly fashion influencers Mr. and Mrs. Verma
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At an age when society expects the older generation to sit at homes and to fit into definitions of sombre, the adorable couple Mr. and Mrs. Verma are breaking new grounds and defying new norms by going where the passions of their hearts lead them. Hailing from the state of Haryana, this couple is undoubtedly giving us major goals with their energetic souls and beautiful smiles. They are 86 and 76 respectively and have more than 63K fan base on their social media accounts for the coolest and remarkable content that they have been showcasing with each post.

Meet elderly fashion influencers Mr. and Mrs. Verma

Meet elderly fashion influencers Mr. and Mrs. Verma

The account for @mr._and_mrs._verma was created by their grandchildren to spread happiness among social media users and motivate people to never give up on their dreams even when everything is not going as planned. With their fashion game and joyful content, the couple has been winning over the internet for a long time now. Their Instagram page bio reads, “Playing Cool after the 70s”. Each time you visit their page you will be amazed by the content as the old couple experiment with modern styles donning jeans, skirts, caps, and even stilettos.

While talking about the Instagram account Mr. and Mrs. Verma, Jonita says, “I earlier started the Instagram page for my grandfather in April 2020 and named it as ‘Gangsta Grandpa’ to showcase his commendable content that the world deserves to see but after sometime when I got to hear my grandmother jokes from the background I got the idea to give birth to a new Instagram page with the name ‘Mr. and Mrs. Verma’ that will display the coolest content that people want to see for motivation and inspiration.”

Both the elderly couple are teaching us that if you have truly got it in you to be an Instagram influencer then nothing could stop you from becoming an internet sensation. Keep going ahead without thinking about the results is the most desirable thing to do if you want to achieve big milestones in your life and this elderly couple has made us believe the same, further making fashion much more fun.

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