PixelOMedia, a brand building agency adherences full-funnel approach to help brands create a unique and distinct identity

In the last two years, digital adoption has exploded, owing in large part to the global  Pandemic and changes in customer behavior. Enterprises were far too quick to invest in digital capabilities in order to change to new models or in order to survive the Pandemic,  recover faster, and prosper in the post-pandemic economy. Each brand has its own strategies,  with some opting for broad omnichannel marketing and others relying on thrilling activations and stunts to raise awareness. Top brands and the agencies who assist them tell their story,  regardless of strategy, demonstrate great inventiveness in their efforts to stand out from the crowd. One such name that advocates a full-funnel approach to help brands stand out from the rest of their competitors in this cut-throat and ever-evolving landscape is PixelOMedia.

PixelOMedia, prioritize essential quality, great service, and a nebula that magically generates new ideas and leads them to bond with you via their shared passion for creativity. It knows the objectives of diverse organizations for growth and scalability by providing a view into the world of information, invention, and inceptions from all around the world. This acquisition strengthens PixelOMedia’s offer by allowing clients to straddle brand building and monetization. This is especially critical if you intend to create a first-party digital environment without cookies in the future. A media plan that it develops is always in line with the business and creative goals that the brand intends to establish for itself. At  PixelOMedia, everything they do is guided by a singular aesthetic, tone of voice, and company goal.

The plethora of intrinsic services which are offered by PixelOMedia include- Design &  Branding, Technology & Design, Media Planning & Buying, Influencer & PR Outreach,  Photography & Production, Digital Content & SEO, and much more. PixelOMedia creates a  custom brand strategy by comparing numerous brand values and differentiators to customer expectations, market prospects, and the competitive landscape. It provides precise guidance for achieving long-term objectives and maximizing marketing success. Apart from being budget-centric and providing customized solutions, it puts forth a scalable form of services.

Talking about the perspective behind the inception of PixelOMedia, the founder Bhupesh  Mathur stated “Each brand is undeniably distinct and represents itself in its way, but they all strive to achieve the same goal: to make themselves into a household name on par with any other mainstream product or company. Observing which companies continue to stand out as the sector develops will reveal which strategies survive the test of time. To make their products stand out, the brands use a variety of branding strategies. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to representing a business; the brands that succeed are those that are self-assured in expressing their identity and inspiration. Thinking of all these, I manifested my brainchild  as PixelOMedia.”

PixelOMedia, from the perspective of its employees, is also gaining quite a traction as they are emerging as an organization that has a large proportion of its employees who are deaf and dumb. The belief in creating an environment where everyone strives for excellence and originality in their job has led to the company gladly working around the clock. They have been successful in carving a niche for themselves and the same can be testified by the fact that till now, they have worked for many renowned brands such as Radisson Blu, The Palms  (Hotels and Resorts, Happy Group of Hotels, Shades (Biggest Salon Chain of Rajasthan),  Banas Dairy (Asia’s Biggest Dairy), The Tanzanite Experience (World’s only tanzanite stone museum in Africa) and many more in the list. PixelOMedia investigates marketing synergies to cultivate the brand in increasing, robust, long-lasting, and enthralling work.

Being very well versed in the fact that the customers, employees, and partners’ perceptions of a brand influence how they interact later, they plan to influence and mold that perception in the form of brand strategy. It provides precise guidance for achieving long-term objectives and maximizing marketing success. With a dedicated team of professionals from various backgrounds and a wide range of tailored services, PixelOMedia is a one-stop solution for all your marketing and branding needs.


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