Raised 3 Million Pre Seed Funding In A Short Span : Tale of Debjyoti Saha and Dehradun based startup Okadmission

Leading with their breakthrough ideas and innovation which is propelled by the force of empowering the youth while raising employment, Dehradun based start-up Okadmission, a brillant attempt towards being the guiding light to scores of students in riding through the troublesome experiences of finding the right career, University and hostel alongwith adept loan assistance, the inception by Debjyoti Saha is leading by example.

In its stride to expand and advance to provide the most catered services for students across the globe, Okadmission has impressed investors with their strong ideation and has raised a massive 3 million in pre seed funding.

Determined to revamp the face of the education industry with their robust personal assistance to each student, Okadmission is reigning on various fronts of reducing student hassles.

Headquartered in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, the venture is the effort of a seasoned entrepreneur, Debjyoti Saha. A 23 year old who has spent various years in understanding the student market in the country, Debjyoti Saha has founded 2 startups before zeroing into Okadmission.

Believer of getting up a thousand times after failing, Debjyoti Saha walks on the path carved by the visionary Steve Jobs and has fetched his incumbent business terrific results in the league of striving to success.

Indomitably embarking on a journey to cater to students across India, the driven team at Okadmission has not left any stone unturned in providing students with a clear scope of their aspirations.

Sharing his vision with his Co-founder, Partho Pratim Haldar, they immediately confederated together to launch Okadmission and are taking the endeavor par excellence, crediting Debjyoti’s visionary approach and Partho’s eight years of admission market experience.

A recipient of the top 100 startup ideas in the country, Debjyoti Saha’s entrepreneurial success is envisioning a different realm of generating more than a thousand jobs by 2024 and one lakh student admissions.

Getting closer each day to its vision of becoming a leader in the ed-tech market to serve the student fraternity better, Okadmission is garnering a new hope for lakhs of students across the country to make better decisions that decide the future course of their life.

 Making exceptional contributions with his “work until you make it” approach, Debjyoti Saha’s firm is set to climb ladders of overarching success and is eyeing on raising more funds in order to hit their exceptionally noteworthy goals.


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