Mon. Jul 4th, 2022
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Penning your own personal experience is a journey in itself as its efforts to write your own thoughts in a magical manner. It’s not only vital to use words to create magic, but it’s even more important to keep your reader interested in what you’re writing.Ruster Keaton is one such fine author whose novels are a gem to read as it encounters real-life experience.

Covid Knights, his sixth book, was released by First Step Publishing. This is a documentary based on Ruster Keaton’s firsthand witness accounts. Keaton interacts with and talks about some of the world’s most dangerous criminals. He witnessed these events personally and meticulously recorded every detail of what he saw.

This book isn’t a prediction; rather, it’s a record of what happened at a precise moment in time in the future, in a specific year. Commander Rulik is a humble man who recently retired and wishes to become wealthy as soon as possible.

The author has assembled a team of deadly professional killers, including The Cossack Baker, in his naiveté. Rulik took a bold approach during the Covid 19 days, but one he believed had a better chance of success than The Bookseller. It’s a storey of strength and despair, as well as morality and immorality. It’s a Russian folktale about bravery and ferocity in the face of danger.

Aside from this book, he writes a weekly business piece for Kuwait’s English Daily, showcasing his knowledge of the business world. Ruster’s work for First Step Publishing includes 2168 – Darkness, No Past, Tall Shot Stories, Practical Management Consultancy, and Essays in Economics.

Ruster Keaton, also known as Savio Gomes, is an articulate writer who has a strong foothold in a range of vocations and has published multiple works under the moniker ‘Ruster Keaton’. In addition to his novel, he has worked with famous professional businesses such as Ernst & Young and KPMG.

Being a perfectionist at his work, Ruster has beautifully described the narrative, which will enthral readers till the end of the book.

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