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Saurav & Animesh’s Savin Communication Is Driving Digital PR Growth Despite Corona Lockdown 

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Right when the Corona lockdown forced everyone indoors, internet became every online individual’s umbilical cord with the world outside. And Savin Communications, an upcoming startup company registered with the Government of India, is riding the crest quite beautifully! This busy phase is almost like sweet revenge for its founder Saurav Chaudhary, who set up this company in 2017 and then spent the first two years facing every challenge, every failure with gutsy determination. 

Saurav holds a degree in Journalism & has 8-year-long work experience in the PR industry, including working as a partner in the famous PR Company – Goldmine Advertising. Armed with that experience, Saurav stepped into the business himself. Personally, Saurav has also worked with many Government clients like CSIR, PFRDA, Noida Authority as well as on the political campaigns of quite a few political figures in India.

However, more than the experience, it was the ‘changing pattern of PR industry’ that provoked Saurav to start something which is affordable and easily accessible to individuals or companies. He says, “New startup’s struggles to get their story published in major news portals. I thought I should come up with a solution to benefit these people and help them to reach the masses.” What also helped him in this mission is the fact that the entire ecosystem started shifting towards digital medium. It is then that Saurav thought about doing something in Digital PR. This decision was motivated, not in the least, by another fact that the traditional PR has its own challenges.

Though venturing into Digital PR had its own difficulties but eventually Saurav was able to overcome those once his clients started noticing drastic changes in their online presence thanks to all the Digital PR efforts. Saurav says about those days, “The trend started and we started to roll on. We are having exclusive tie ups with leading news organizations which is helping us to get the work done in time-bound manner and effectively.”

In the year 2019, Saurav was joined by his old classmate from Bokaro, Animesh Kumar. Animesh is a B.Tech in Computer Science with 6-year-long experience in the digital domain. He is the Co-Founder-COO of Savin Communication and with him comes his core expertise in Digital media. Today he takes care of the operations and sales part of work in the company. 

The same year,  Savin Communication also met its Eureka moment! The existing clients of the agency started clamouring for digital coverage as well. And the rest was history. In the 3 years of its business, the agency has managed to publish more than 2000 articles for more than 250 clients.

In March 2020, when Prime Minister Modi announced lockdown to beat COVID-19, another interesting phase began for the agency. Since the month of March till mid-April, Savin Communication recorded a 30% growth in its business. The current spate of clients includes startups & entrepreneurs in the fields of fashion & lifestyle, health, finance, Bollywood, etc as well as bloggers and social media influencers, etc.

Speaking about this achievement, Saurav said, “The valuation of company is at Rs 6 crores & we are looking to increase it at least two-fold in this financial year. The entire business had been managed on the cash flow from the clients. No investment or loan has been incurred by agency till date. Now we are in expansion mode and we are already in talks with some investors for Series A funding.” 

During the last one year, the company has created a pool of associates from India as well as abroad. Saurav explains, “We are working with more than 10 PR agencies and 50 associates right now. The content was a major challenge for us. Getting good, newsy and quality was a tough job for us. To sort this out we created a pool of News Writers who are having experience in news industry and writes cutting edge content.” In addition, they are also working on some websites like and, which would serve as sources of information on latest trends in startup world. The Agency is also working on Influencer Marketing.

Considering lockdown time as a showcase time, Saurav informs that the company has launched campaigns where it is looking to get more business in coming days. About the future, Saurav says, “Show the world what you have done and what are you planning to do in future through PR. All I say is that we are living in a Digital Ecosystem.”

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