Savin Communication enters the realm of Government PR; gets empanelled with MyGov

New Delhi (April 13th, 2023):- In a major move, Savin Communication, India’s first PR-tech Company, got empanelled with MyGov. The official announcement was made by the top level management of Savin Communication on Wednesday after they received the confirmation from MyGov. This is seen as a major achievement for Savin Communication which is often referred to as one of the Best PR Companies in India as with this empanelment, the company will be marching ahead with their new resolution of acing the realm of Government PR. MyGov which is a citizen engagement platform launched by the Government of India to promote the active participation of Indian citizens in their country’s governance and development is aimed at creating a common platform for Indian citizens to “crowdsource governance ideas from citizens. 

Recently,  Savin Communication, a Noida-Based PR-tech Company has successfully completed its 6 Years of Inception after successfully setting a strong foothold in the realm of Public Relations. The digital PR company has collaborated with more than 200 publications on national, international and even regional levels. After successfully serving Brands, MSMEs and Startups across all the segments, Savin Communication has stepped into the realm of Government PR and has recently onboarded some big names in their long clientele list. These include names such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for which they were roped in as the Social Media Partner for the event- World Congress of Accountants 2022 which was held for the very first time in India. 

Later, they went on to become a member of Science and Technology Cooperative Society which is the first- technical cooperative society in the Northern State of Uttar Pradesh. Savin Communication started their journey in the realm of Government sector with Central Cottage Industries Emporium (GoI undertaking) for an event in which they managed all the PR-related activities for CCIE. 

It is Savin Communication’s comprehensive digital solutions that have proven to be resourceful and brilliant. They provide quick, specific, result-oriented solutions that give personalised solutions to every client. For this and to prove that they truly are the best PR Tech firm, Savin Communication even has its own tech-driven platforms. The list includes: 

  • The PRtree 

The PRtree is Savin Communication’s technology-driven automated platform which is developed to meet the expanding demands of the communication sector by advancing the art of storytelling with the changing media dynamics. With just a few clicks, the AI-based platform can provide 360-degree comprehensive branding solutions. It also offers brands and business owners professional help and consulting around the clock so they can share their stories with the world.

  • WTI Space

The tech-driven marketplace brings influencers and brands together to make it easier for them to work together to show the world an astounding creative side. What’s unique about WTI Space is that it promotes individual empowerment by giving influencers a means of becoming their own bosses. They give content creators the chance to communicate with brands directly and keep their demands. This will ultimately enable the creation of a community where artists may engage with one another.

Savin Communication- India’s first PR-tech compan, has indeed established themselves as a reputed name in the sector of Public Relations and caters to a wide range of segments like Public Relations, Content Solutions, Graphics & Designing, Event Management, Video Production, Social Media Management and much more. 

Let’s dive into some of Savin Communication’s key areas of specialisation.  

Event Management

Savin Communication in India is known for its exceptional event management services. They believe that events are a powerful tool for building brand awareness, strengthening relationships with customers, and generating leads. Their experienced team of professionals excels at planning, organising, and executing events of all sizes and types. Savin Communication is known to take care of everything from venue selection to event promotion, ensuring that our clients’ events are seamless and successful. Over the years, they have served numerous clients in various industries, and their expertise has enabled them to deliver outstanding results consistently.

Content Solutions

As a leading Public Relations company in India, Savin Communication understands the importance of content in today’s digital age. Their content solutions services are designed to help the clients establish a strong online presence and engage with their target audience effectively. They offer a wide range of content services, including content strategy, creation, and distribution. Their experienced team of writers, editors, and content strategists works closely with the clients to understand their goals and develop content that resonates with their audience. The proven track record of Savin Communication has assisted them in building a strong reputation in the industry.

Influencer Marketing

Savin is at the forefront of influencer marketing, leveraging the power of social media to help our clients reach their target audience effectively. Their influencer marketing services are designed to identify, engage and collaborate with influencers who can help the clients reach their goals. They have an experienced team of professionals who are experts in identifying the right influencers for our clients and managing influencer campaigns effectively. The PR-tech company’s focus on metrics-driven campaigns and ROI has helped them deliver excellent results consistently, making them the preferred choice for influencer marketing services in India.

Graphics and Creatives

The Noida-based Digital PR Company offers a wide range of graphics and creative services to help clients establish a strong visual identity. They have a team of creative professionals who specialise in graphic design, branding, and visual communication. They work closely with their clients to understand their brand identity and develop designs that reflect their vision and goals. Their focus on creativity and innovation has helped them deliver outstanding results for clients across various industries.

Video Production

As video content becomes increasingly important in today’s digital landscape, Savin Communication offers video production services to help their clients engage with their target audience effectively. They have an experienced team of professionals who specialise in video production, including scriptwriting, filming, editing, and post-production. Their focus on storytelling and visual aesthetics has helped them create compelling videos that resonate with our clients’ audience.

Savin Communication, even during the time of lockdown, witnessed a staggering 300 percent growth with a prime focus being building credibility and catering to the needs of the seemingly isolated, medium and small companies. As of now, India’s first PR-tech company has successfully disseminated more than 10,000 articles for over 3,000 clients from India and across the globe. Now, having onboarded few names in the Government sector, Savin Communication is striving to become the next big player in the realm of Government PR. 


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