K Learning Kids: an exceptional e-learning platform for your child

Reading Time: 3 minutes Early education is a very crucial stage of a child’s life. We as parents are always selective about the education of our children. We all know that children are meant to play games and we can’t stop them from doing so. “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”. Therefore, K Learning […]

CBTF Joins Hands With Bollywood Superstar Emraan Hashmi

CBTF Joins Hands With Bollywood Superstar Emraan Hashmi as a Brand Ambassador

Reading Time: 2 minutes One of the most prominent website CBTF Speed News amalgamates with our own charming bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi. Let’s understand what is CBTF Speed News? Mr. Amit Majithia, CEO CBTF Speed News, said he feels immense proud to announce Emraan Hashmi, one of the leading bollywood actor as their Brand Ambassador, he also spoke about […]

eclat superior

Founded by Sandeep Gupta, e’clat Superior redefines skin care with utmost affection

Reading Time: 2 minutes Healthy and well-nourished skin is the new definition of beauty and thus the revolutionary skincare brand e’clat Superior is bringing a skincare ritual series that gives you a mild and nourishing selection of highly effective skincare products keeping your skin healthy and vibrant. The skincare brand perfectly knows how to nourish your skin to bring […]

celebrities who whole-heartedly donate to charit

Top 5 most generous celebrities who whole-heartedly donate to charity

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is often a perception that celebrities and superstars love to flaunt their wealth and lavish lifestyles which might be true to some extend. However, it would be wrong to generalize things as there are few celebrities who are generous when it comes to supporting a cause or donating to charity for welfare causes. There […]

Winter fashion Game with Tinted Basics

Change Your Winter fashion Game with Tinted Basics

Reading Time: 2 minutes The season of frigid temperatures, icy mornings, and equally chilly nights is already here and so does people’s eternal struggle to stay warm without compromising with the style game. So, if you are looking for rearranging your winter wardrobe, the clothing brand Tinted Basics is the heaven of fashionable and comfortable winter garments. The brand […]

Sreenath K

From coolie to IAS Sreenath: Sreenath K inspirational success story

Reading Time: 2 minutes It is rightly said that there is no alternative to hard work and there are no shortcuts to success. To achieve greater milestones you need to move a step ahead and put your best foot forward. Even seemingly impossible goals can be achieved if you put your heart and soul into them. People who imprint […]

Dermatologist Dr. Isha V Mittal

Intricacies involved in Thread Lift, as decoded by Dermatologist Dr. Isha V Mittal

Reading Time: 3 minutes The term thread lift refers to a cosmetic procedure that involves lifting the sagging tissue and adding definition to facial contours using dissolvable threads. The threads are, in fact, placed under the skin by a cosmetic surgeon in order to tighten the loose skin tissue and add volume to the sagging area. In simple words, […]

Dr. Subodh Singh, plastic surgeon from Varanasi

Dr. Subodh Singh, plastic surgeon from Varanasi who has brought a smile to the faces of numerous kids

Reading Time: 3 minutes Often in life, you would have heard the phrase “What breaks you is what makes you” and the same holds true in the case of Dr. Subodh Singh, who has now made a name for himself after battling all the hurdles and hardships of life. By performing 37,000 cleft lip surgeries and giving back happiness […]

Chinnathambi: Serving the poor with reasonable yet luscious food 

Chinnathambi: Serving the poor with reasonable yet luscious food 

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‍In our day-to-day life, we hear many stories but there are only a few which win hearts and change the way people look at things. One such incredible story is of Chinnathambi from Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu. With his soulful efforts and sacrificing nature, Mr. Chinnathambi is not only captivating the attention of the masses but […]


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