Top 6 Holiday Destinations of India

India is a country with incredible natural beauty, including lush green forests, lovely valleys, rolling hills, glittering creeks, majestic lakes, and significant rivers that meander through fertile land. Some of the most stunning valleys in the world are formed by India’s vast mountain peaks and rivers. India produces lovely green crops that cover the land with vegetation. Along with a diversity of flowers, plants, and animals, India is adorned by the Himalayas like a regal crown.There are countless amazing places to visit in India. We have compiled a list of what we think as Top 6 Holiday Destinations of India  that are fun and fulfilling places for you to consider when you are planning to take a rejuvenating vacation. A travel enthusiast Mr Aviral Rawal  who is also a travel blogger and passionate about exploring  places has summed up his experience about the best holiday destinations in India in the list below.

Srinagar –Heaven on Earth

Located in the State of Kashmir, Srinagar is paradise on earth. Some areas are visited, others are examined, and yet others are lived in. Kashmir, on the other hand, must be sensed and experienced. Its fascination and beauty will linger in your mind for a long time.. Nestled high in the majestic green Himalayas and lauded all across the globe for its remarkable scenic beauty, is picturesque and captivating.It is one of the most romantic spots on the planet, encircled by soaring hills, verdant valleys, glistening lakes, artistic temples, and beautiful gardens dating back to the Mughal age.  Srinagar is one of the top tourist destinations in India because it  dazzles with stunning Chinar trees that transform the complete valley into yellow and crimson hues in autumn, silver lakes into golden at the time of sunrise.The  location’s magnificent splendour will sweep you off your feet. Numerous poets, writers, and philosophers have characterised the unique and astounding beauty of this slice of heaven. So if you have been dreaming of experiencing Kashmir and planning to take your family along, let us walk you through a tour of the sites to go and how to make this holiday one of a kind that you will never forget.

Best places to visit:

Whenever you plan a trip with family to Srinagar , make sure to have plenty of time on hand as Kashmir is a land of infinite beauty with innumerable places to visit. To name a few are Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens, Srinagar, Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, Shikara Ride, Hazratbal Shrine.

Things to do in Srinagar
You must not, however, merely visit and remain to see most of this utopia on earth. You must do things — you must attempt all of the most beautiful things to do in Kashmir. That’s the only way to see what these incredible valleys have stashed away in their bounty basket. At Shankaracharya Temple, seek blessings, Trek to the Well-Known Spots, Relish some of the region’s most popular cuisines, Go shopping, Take a stroll through the Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden.

The Best time to Visit

The finest months to travel to Srinagar are April through October, when the entire valley is at its most beautiful. The summer and monsoon seasons are when you can travel to all the destinations you wish to go while the weather is still pleasant. You will be delighted by the flora and splendour it offers when you are here throughout these months.

How to reach:   Take a flight to the nearest, Srinagar Airport (15 km away)Srinagar is well connected to all the major cities. Cheap flights are available from Delhi to Srinagar, Mumbai to Srinagar, Chennai to Srinagar, Bangalore to Srinagar, Chandigarh to Srinagar etc.

Gulmarg – A Meadow of Flowers’

Gulmarg, a well-known ski resort, is situated in the Pir Panjal Range of the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir at a height of 2730 metres above sea level. The meaning of  its name translates into ‘A Meadow of Flowers’ in Hindi. Gulmarg transforms into a snow paradise throughout the winter, and as summer approaches, the beauty of Gulmarg just becomes better and better. Gulmarg is covered in a sheet of beautiful colours that peep out from every crevice of the valley during the fall when the valley is awash in the splendour of flowers that bloom in their richest hues. In addition to having the second-highest Gondola ride in the world, Gulmarg is flanked by the snow-covered towering Himalayas, flower-filled pastures, steep gorges, and evergreen wooded valleys.

Tourism in Gulmarg is all about taking in the magnificent grandeur of the snow-capped mountains, surrounded by lush greenery, a tranquil climate, and, most significantly, adventure sports like skiing, riding the Gulmarg gondola, snow biking, and sledding.

Gulmarg, one of the most popular locations for honeymoons in India, prides itself on being a picturesque town free of tourist rush like Manali and Shimla. Due to the location of the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering, Gulmarg has also been transformed into a centre for adventure. The IISM offers a tonne of courses on hiking, mountaineering, skiing, and snowboarding.

Places to visit:

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, Strawberry field, Apharwat Peak, Alpather Lake,  Ningle Nallah and Ferozepur Nallah , Seven Springs

Things to do

There is so much to do in Gulmarg for tourists of every kind. You can go skiing at Apharwat Peak or go trekking at Alpather Lake. Enjoy the Gondola Ride at Kongdori or enjoy Golfing at the Gulmarg Golf Course. If you are a nature lover you can go to Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve to spend some time watching the birds and if you are the religious types you can check out so many old temples like Baba Reshi Temple and Maharani temple.

Best time to visit
The hill town is frequently visited because of the exciting chances it offers and the picturesque vistas it affords from the town. The greatest times to visit are April, May, and June if you’re a nature lover who likes the heat. Due to the fields of blossoming flowers that blanket the city’s territory in the summer, Gulmarg is also known as the “meadow of flowers.” But if skiing is what you’re after, the best time to go is from mid-December to mid-March.

How to reach

The closest airport to Gulmarg is the Srinagar Airport by the name of Sheikh Ul Alam International Airport. The airport stands at a distance of 35 kms, Srinagar Airport has good connections to all of the country’s main airports. To get to Gulmarg from the airport, you must call a taxi. Both within and outside the airport’s arrivals hall are pre-paid taxi stations.

Goa -The Entertainment Hub

Goa is a small green land on the west coast of India in the state of Maharashtra. It indisputably remains a popular family holiday destination.  India’s smallest state and most popular tourist destination, is located in the coastal Konkan area and on the western shore of the Arabian Sea. Goa is famed for its stunning terrain, most famous huge stretches of beaches, awe-inspiring structures, churches, colourful shacks and a thriving nightlife. The spectacular coastline of more than 100 kilometres in Goa, peppered with hundreds of outstanding beaches, offers  gorgeous landscapes and tranquillity where families enjoy and rest in the sun. Besides being known for its naturally beautiful environment, Goa is also sought after  for its fascinating Portuguese culture which adds to its charm further. Throughout the year, Goa draws a great number of tourists from all around the world because beaches here are at the top of the beach state’s excellence list, where you can relax and refresh. The religious sites of Goa, such as temples and churches, are the town’s second significant draw. Goa is the place where the phrase ‘paint the town red’ holds true.

Places to visit

Goa is world renowned for the diversity of locations that the city offers to its tourists pouring in from across the globe. You can go to the  age-old Portuguese architecture churches as well as innumerable nightclubs, multiple golden beaches or check out the shacks dotting the entire Goa. Some of the  worth visiting are The Basilica of Bom Jesus, Dudhsagar Falls, Fort Aguada, Calangute Beach,Dona Paula, The Butterfly Beach, Divar Island.

Things to do

Goa has endless things to do. Indulge in Water Sports.  Go Scuba Diving, Take the Dolphin Tour, Sail in the River Cruise,  Enjoy a Dip in Dudhsagar Falls, Party Hard at the Nightclubs, Go street shopping , Enjoy the glamour of Casinos  and Take a bath in Spring Verna.

Best time to visit

Goa is a year-round tourism attraction due to its tropical climate. Yet the greatest time to visit Goa is between October and March. During these months the oceans are calm, the sands are shining and the sky is a brilliant blue. All of you will love it.

How to reach 

Dabolim International Airport in Goa is well connected with all major cities in India and other countries as well. Cheap flights are available from Delhi to Goa, Mumbai to Goa, Chandigarh to Goa, Kolkata to Goa,Ahmedabad to Goa, Hyderabad to Goa and many more.


Nainital – Lake district of India

Wrapped around a stunning deep green  Naini Lake, Nainital sits pretty in the Kumaon foothills of the  Himalayas in Uttarakhand State. Boaters throng to the stunning Naini Lake, speckled with brightly coloured sailboats,  which is said to be one of the green eyes of Lord Shiva’s wife Parvati.  Green pastures, wooded hills, gorgeous valleys, and stunning lakes abound in Nainital. The visual splendour of the region around Nainital is unparalleled, thanks to the numerous lakes that keep the nearby region green all year. Nainital has gained the moniker of India’s “Lake District” because it is flanked with Lakes. .The aroma of brilliant blossoms blending with the crisp, clean air further enhances Nainital’s natural surroundings.. Previously a British hill station,Nainital is one of India’s Best Hill Stations, known for its cool, pleasant weather, and most coveted destination for families to visit for a vacation. The hill town is surrounded with charming old houses and marketplaces, as well as a maze of pedestrian paths. Nainital’s attractions range from boating and sailing to historic temples and heritage structures, as well as stunning views at every turn. On the hillside, there are several hotels and resorts; the Mall Road is a bustling retail district; cafés and restaurants provide both local and international cuisine.

Places to visit

There are many tourist attractions in this beautiful hill town with a choice of temples, Gardens and Lakes.  Some of them are Naina Devi Temple, Snow view Point, Khurpa Taal, Eco Cave Gardens, Tiffin Top.


Things to do

There are plenty of interesting activities to do here.You can Go boating in Naini Lake, View the Sunrise at Tiffin Top , Go  Shopping in the Tibetan Market, Visit Hanuman Garhi, Take the Ropeway Ride, Stroll in the Mall Road,  Visit Naina Devi Temple, Hot air ballooning at Sukhatal ,  Go Trekking in Naini Peak Pangot Trek

Udaipur – City of Lakes, Forts and Palaces

Udaipur is one of the most stunning locations for couples and families alike  to visit in Rajasthan because of the lavish palaces that speak of a rich history and the dazzling lakes that contribute to the stunning sight at night. The city’s whole “feel” is what attracts honeymooners to it.The historic hotels, the charming boat cruises, the delicious food, and the kind people  add to Udaipur’s vibrancy and friendliness.You along with your a relaxing boat ride around evening time in Lake Pichola. This freshwater lake is surrounded with magnificent temples and other fascinating ancient edifices that add to the visual appeal of the place as you enjoy your ride. Spending some time with your family  at Ambrai Ghat which is the main Ghat of Pichola Lake will enchant you as you lose yourself in the reflection of the sparkling waters of the lake. The place offers a fascinating view of the city during the evening timewhen Udaipur is lit up with multitude of lights. One of Udaipur’s most stunning gems is Jagmandir, a grand, three-story island palace that is impossible to miss after seeing Lake Pichola. Its awe inspiring architectural beauty along with its flower laden gardens and courtyards make for a cosy outing together. Doodh Talai Lake, often known as “Milk Pond,” is a charming pond next to Lake Pichola where you can go boating and see the nicest sunset in the entire city. Due to its surrounding little hills and temple on top, the location is enchanting in its beauty.

Things to do

The primary attractions of Udaipur are the lakes, palaces, forts, and gardens.mIt does, however, provide a variety of entertaining activities for visitors of all ages. Continue reading as we explore and consider the different things to do in Udaipur that make it such an appealing destination for visitors from all over the world.Engage in Nature Photography at Saheliyon Ki Bari Garden,Seek Blessings At The Classic Karni Mata , Enjoy the ropeway ride, Check out the heritage vehicles at Vintage Car museum, Explore the wildlife at Sajjangarh Sanctuary, Taste the Rajasthani Cuisine.

Best time to visit

Between the months of September and March is the finest time to visit Udaipur as the weather is very pleasant during this time. Neither too cold nor too hot.

How to reach

Flight bookings can be done directly to Maharana Pratap Airport in Dabok,Udaipur. Flights are available from Delhi to Udaipur, Mumbai to Udaipur, Chandigarh to Udaipur, Ahmedabad to Udaipur

Kodaikanal – Princess of Hill Stations

The two words Kodai and Kanal, which together translate to “Gift of the Forest” in Tamil, were combined to form the name Kodaikanal.Located in the highlands of Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal stands at an altitude of  7,000 feet  on the peak of Palani Hills, above sea level and is recognized for its panoramic views and unrivalled scenic beauty. This is one place which you will really enjoy going to with your family.  In the mid-nineteenth century, British missionaries who chose Kodaikanal as their summer capital transformed it into a retreat which gradually started drawing in more and more tourists. Famously known as the Princess of Hill Stations, Kodaikanal is a delight for nature enthusiasts and especially honeymoon couples for being one of the most romantic sites in south India.This location is an extravagant treasure and the natural majesty of its deep green woods, energising waterfalls, numerous valleys, flowing hill slopes, tranquil lakes, and serene panoramas never fails to astound its guests. Kodaikanal is surrounded on all sides by the Parappar and Gundar valleys.

Places to visit

There are many famous tourist attractions which tourists frequent in Kodaikanal. They include The Kodaikanal Lake,  Berijam Lake, Coaker’s Walk, Pine Forest, The Pillar Rocks, The Kurinji Andavar Temple, Poombarai Village, Bryant Park

Things to do 

Night safari is something you will love as its highly thrilling activity to watch the animals at night, you can enjoy scenic views at Dolphin’s nose, Go boating in Kodaikanal Lake, Visit the refreshing Thalaiyar waterfalls, Go birdwatching at Berijam Lake, Do some yoga at Karuna Farm. The list is endless and everyone in your family will find something or the other of their interest.

Best time to visit

Although having moderate weather all year round, the best time to go there is between October and March.

How to reach
The Madurai airport, which is 120 kilometres from Kodaikanal and offers cheap flights, is the one that is closest.From the airport, you can travel by a bus to reach Kodaikanal or take a cab.

India is a land embedded with a riot of colours and an abundance of nature with its innumerable wonders.Travelling to any of these top 6 destinations will be an enriching experience that will leave you asking for more.


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