VGP Marine Kingdom presents World’s First Underwater Magic show

VGP Marine Kingdom is a “must see” tourist place for the tourists in Chennai, India. The Aquarium has been built on par with Aquariums of international standards. It is India’s first walkthrough tunnel aquarium with a 180 degree underwater viewing room with a panoramic view.

For the forthcoming holiday season, VGP Marine Kingdom has brought in a spectacular Underwater Magic Show. The 45 days summer show promises to be a visual spectacle with Vignesh’s signature illusions and underwater escape act at the 3 million litre marine tank consisting of blacktip reef sharks, lemon sharks, bowmouth sharks, sting rays, giant trevally just to name a few.. The performance will be a perfect blend of drama and education, making it a truly edutainment experience for all ages.

“Vignesh approached us early this year to perform his underwater escape and trained with our certified divers for 3 months to prepare for this show,” said VGP Ravidas, Managing Director, of VGP Marine Kingdom . “Our yearly summer shows have featured mermaids from across the world in the past, but this year we are excited to present this first of its kind underwater magic show and take our visitors on a magical journey they will never forget.” Mr. VGP Ravidas remarked that since 2019, VGP Marine Kingdom has been bringing spectacular shows of entertainment and edutainment to its visitors like the Hydroman Show, Underwater Ganesha, and the Underwater Golu etc.

The inaugural show was held on 21st April 2023, in the presence of Mr. VG Santhosam, Chairman VGP Group, Mr. VGP Ravidas, Managing Director and Mr. VGPR Premdas, CEO, VGP Marine Kingdom.

VGP Marine Kingdom presents  four  shows a day , at 11:00 am , 12:30 pm, 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm. There is no extra charge for the show as it is inclusive in the entry ticket. For more information and ticket bookings, visit the VGP Marine Kingdom website.

Use coupon code SAVE10PR to avail 10% discount on tickets only at their website . For More info contact their support team at 8939932222.

ABOUT VGP Marine Kingdom

With the mission to educate, entertain and raise awareness about aquatic life, VGP Marine Kingdom is the latest addition to the VGP Group’s enterprises that launched on April 21st 2019. This is India’s first and largest walkthrough aquarium with an underwater tunnel that is compared by many to the one in Sentosa, Singapore, and other world class aquariums in the world. Spread across 70,000 sq.ft., there are a total of 35 exhibits and counting with big and small tanks containing over 250 species of marine creatures including sharks, rays from across 5 habitats. Namely Rainforest, Gorge, Mangrove, Coastal and Deep Ocean.It also extends into a multi-level banquet facility comprising of an underwater view of our deep ocean tank showcasing sharks, rays and other exotic marine creatures






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