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Who is Issa Sammak? A closer look into the business of an experienced online entrepreneur

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Meet Issa Sammak – Facebook Marketing & E-commerce Expert who has built a $6 Million 

E-commerce Empire with his niche products. 

Issa has helped thousands of people to get started, with many of them now earning 6 to7 figures per year. His expertise in finding winning niche products, creating brands and crushing it in the online sphere has generated him 7 figures by the very young age of 26. Based in the beautiful city of Dubai, Issa Sammak’s branding and advertising agency is the go-to place if you are looking to expand your brand awareness or even re-brand and start all over again. 

Other services offered by the agency include:

– Web and app development

– Building professional Wikipedia pages

– Top-notch SEO services

– Highly customized social media marketing

– Personalized advertising campaign and strategies


Issa also owns multiple e-commerce businesses, utilizing the widely popular platforms and tools, including Amazon, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Each of these stores has a worldwide loyal customer base, who is buying carefully chosen, high-demand niche products 24/7.  

Having been in the businessman position for several years, Issa Sammak is now going to expand his impact on society by teaching young minds and everyone else willing to learn about the most proficient method to set up their businesses on their own and become successful, whether it’s online or offline. You can expect to see Issa on your screen shortly, because, following his massive success in the e-commerce business, Abu Dhabi TV visited his company to make an interview with him and get more information about his great achievements.

For those who wish to replicate Issa Sammak’s online success, he will soon be offering his new e-Commerce course, launching in September 2020. The complete e-commerce training program aims to help entrepreneurs to build a brand, set up a successful Shopify e-Commerce store, and promote it using a variety of online strategies. 

Issa, however, according to his own words doesn’t believe in overnight success. As he stated: “For me it all happened due to having a perspective first and acknowledging the attributes of any business I wanted to start with. I’m proud to say I thank myself for being where I am now because I supported myself mentally and spiritually first and I committed myself to the discipline that led to success.“ Issa’s business is growing rapidly thanks to the internet. There has never been a better time to start a business than right now. Anyone can take advantage of the generous offer that Issa is presenting today and be guided towards their dream life of an online entrepreneur. 

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