360 Bright Media’s VR Cricket Advertising Takes Advertising to the Next Level

The world is experiencing technological advances at a rapid rate. In the modern world, the technology that hypnotizes us is turning virtual experiences into actual Reality. The name Virtual Reality refers to this immersive technology. It lets you interact and experience the computer-generated world, and it feels as if one is transported to a different world that enriches the educational experience and transforms entertainment. Additionally, a new technology, Augmented Reality, is appealing to everyone because it transforms digital data into the real world. Augmented Reality enhances an individual’s perception and interaction with the world around them. The technology transforms different sectors, including gaming, education, healthcare, advertising and many more, by adding layers of virtual information on top of the actual data. There are a lot of agencies in the field of technology that can provide this experience that is real to amaze the masses. 360 Bright Media is one of them that lets all experience this.

360 Bright Media strives to inspire people by combining innovative ideas with the latest technology. Utilizing advanced technologies in advertising like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, IOT, Tech Brand Activities, and Interactive videos, they are redefining the rules of entertainment and advertising. They believe that software can change people’s lives in numerous ways. Therefore, they created an online platform that allows technology to move people. The program attempts physical movement by creating innovative ways of travelling and exploring the world. The Company is awe-inspiring to people by offering the unique services it provides.


360 Bright Media is an innovative company specialising in custom advertising experiences based on the immersive realm of Virtual Reality (VR) Cricket. With a profound knowledge of the VR environment and a dedication to offering personalized solutions for advertising using the potential of this cutting-edge technology to connect with cricket fans in a completely new manner. By seamlessly integrating custom-designed advertisements into your VR game, 360 Bright Media allows businesses to reach out to their viewers compellingly and engagingly while ensuring their messages resonate in today’s digital world. They provide top-quality VR Cricket setups for better engagement for the brand. The arrangements are accessible in the ambience of locations that draw people to a new VR level. 360 Bright Media offers users the chance to experience the very best of virtual reality cricket in Mumbai.


AI Photobooth is fun to enhance your photos by making them look more attractive. It’s an excellent method to add a bit of excitement and fun to any event. It offers a variety of filters and effects to make your photos to make them appealing and intriguing. 360 Bright Media creates customized story filters for brands and develops them with innovative tech experts to ensure they happen for any brand. They make the brand’s concept a reality in live experiences. 360 Bright Media makes your events and exhibits memorable through this unique feature. People experience amazing photos that they will remember for many years to follow.

360 Bright Media customizes games incorporating Augmented Reality layers and Virtual graphics alongside VR, AR and advertising. The Company has an experienced internal team adept at creating exciting gaming experiences. They also develop programs and events for their clients. In addition, they organize virtual events. Their wide range of top-quality services has helped them become an unbeatable solution in the business.

They’ve collaborated with many clients that include L&T, PwC, Mankind, Tech HR, Mission Impo, ABC APP Launch, L&T Digital car, Magic mirror, ABGLP 23, Prince pipe, HUL, FG 2023 BNP, Nissan, HDFC and many more.


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