AGM Investment: How to become the best Financial Consultancy and Educators in India

When it comes to Financial Consultation, our culture still believes in the conservative way of doing things and keeping finances. In a way, financial wisdom is still very limited and has not reached the common people of India. It makes both the individuals and businesses suffer in the long term. Generating huge revenue and turnover is one thing and reinvesting them and multiplying those profits is another thing. The bridge that connects these two involves a financial consultant. A good financial consultant knows where to invest your money to generate profits and how to keep your papers clean. 

Here’s a real-life tale about Navneet Maheshwari, an inspiring 27 years old entrepreneur from Delhi. This former stock market trader has been in the business for 6 years now as founder and CEO of AGM Investment. His last interview was just over 6 months ago with one of the most well-known media houses in India where he revealed that how he entered this market and how he perfected his skilled craft to trade stocks. Navneet considers himself a type of businessman who doesn’t tolerate bullshit when it comes down to making money but instead knows how to share industry secrets whenever possible with others who can always benefit from them whether they play the market or not because as an investor himself Navneet likes to say – “anything is worth learning if it will make you money!”

His venture, AGM Investment is considered one of the most successful financial consultancies in India. He himself believes in leading from the front and he knows his game. As of now, AGM INVESTMENT provides services in portfolio management, strategic planning and analysis of financial performance. They also help businesses with financial and revenue modeling, mergers and acquisitions and other financial and legal procedures. 

Navneet Maheshwari told us that he has helped many businesses from multiple industries with their legal and financial procedures and has helped them in preparing forecasting reports and generating revenues through their consultation. Navneet Maheshwari is a true visionary and that is what helps him give his clients and his own business positive results that matter. Navneet Maheshwari has also been teaching how to trade and provides tailor-made sessions from basic to advanced levels with in-depth chart analysis. More than 20 strategies specialized for Nifty, Bank Nifty and Stock Options are taught as of now. The company offers different kinds of membership plans according to client budget and needs.

AGM Investment is also planning to expand its territory in various other services that involve a good financial consultancy and coach. His coaching has helped people trade stocks with an accuracy of 90% and that tells a lot about his experience in this field. Looking at his plans certainly convinces one that both AGM Investment and Navneet Maheshwari have a bright future. You can follow their journey on Instagram get to know more about his journey.


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