L&D Specialist Smruti Sudarshan emphasizes Self-Directed Learning for holistic growth

Learning independently can be challenging, even for the brightest and most motivated students. It is paramount for students of higher classes to opt measures for self-directed learning as it is the prime source of inherent education and retention. Learning and Development Consultant Smruti Sudarshan brings in foresight the key components of self-directed learning primarily known as being ready to learn, setting learning goals, engaging in the learning process, and evaluating learning. Highlighting the importance of how learners can grow with amalgamating such strategies, Self-Dirceted Learning increases independence, self-confidence, motivation, discipline and goal orientation due to information explosion and the continuously evolving knowledge during the career trajectory. 

Manifesting a strong foothold in the education industry, eLearning evangelist, Smruti implemented data-driven strategies in multi-national corporations like Dell and LinkedIn encouraging everyone to be self-directed learners using digitization to its full potential. She makes strategies that are personalized so that corporate learners can create their own learning paths. Her effective planning strategies and a detailed emphasis on self-directed learning techniques laid the foundation of “continuous learning”. Even for students who are deep diving in big books to ace their examinations, continuous self-directed learning will help them to transform their traditional learning practices into more evolved ones.

The domain of learning and development welcomed the thought leader Smruti Sudarshan with open arms. Venturing into a learning designing project for a startup in Bangalor, she started treading on the path that motivated her to take up a variety of freelancing projects exploring her desired domain and attaining financial independence crediting the same. Even before completing her graduation in engineering from the Global Academy of Technology, Smruti had quite an experience of work at hand and she always highlighted how self-learning has been a constant driver of her growth. 

Seasoned learning strategist with more than five and half years of L&D experience across many industries, Smruti had a specialization in large-scale digital learning transformations. She is passionate about helping companies navigate through the ambiguity of change and act as a trusted adviser to everyone in L&D around the world. “Apart from the virtuosos of the corporate world, I want to bring into focus that the budding learners who are on the verge of entering the outside world adopt self-learning techniques to conquer the basics in the realm of education”, said the ambitious strategist.

Stating her understanding of Self-directed Learning, Smruti says, “Self-directed learning (SDL) is a vital educational principle in higher education that has been promoted by various institutions due to its value in developing professionals to become lifelong learners. It measures eight factors including creativity, love of learning, initiative and independence in learning, openness to learning opportunities, informed acceptance of responsibility to one’s own learning, self-concept as an effective learner, ability to use basic study and problem-solving skills and positive orientation to the future.

The IIMB graduate holds in-depth knowledge of HTML5, LMS, L&D, eLearning authoring tools (Storyline, Captivate, Lectora ), the Adobe Suite, front-end web development (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript), and xAPI, a specification to track every step of the learner experience. Smruti has aided a global MNC to develop eLearning courses for customer support employees. Following which she worked with US clients in creating several learning programs using unique learning strategies. Her most prized experience has been working with an NGO in Australia to develop courses for personality-disabled employees and workers.

Being enthusiastic about driving youth towards Self-directed Learning, Smruti says, “A deep approach to studying involves transformation and is ideal for self-directed learning. This approach is about understanding ideas for yourself, applying knowledge to new situations and using novel examples to explain a concept, and learning more than is required for unit completion.” “For students to be successful in self-directed learning, they must be able to engage in self-reflection and self-evaluation of their learning goals and progress in a unit of study”, she added. 

Guiding aspirants to believe in their ideas, Smruti Sudarshan has established a strong foothold in the L&D industry. She has bagged a lot of accolades on her journey. The 26-year-old entrepreneur received The Brandon Hall Award for the best certification program, Excellence in Digital Transformation by GTF India. She also became the first Indian to speak at the eLearning Success Summit 2.0. She is also going to be among the first Indians to speak at “The Learning Ideas Conference 2021” and hold a podcast collaboration with Brandon Hall Group HCMx Radio Podcast. 

Smruti Sudarshan’s interests lie in learning methodologies, education technology and learner psychology. With such evolved methodologies, she is on the best path to guide individuals to step ahead on the trajectory of growth and effectiveness in learning and achieving their desired goals.

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