Young Visionary Rahul Rathi Educating Masses Through His Technical Skills

In the midst of this pandemic, there has been a surge in digitization, which has completely transformed our lives. Instead of waiting in long lines to transfer money, it is now done with only one click. We are now fully reliant on technology for even the most basic necessities. 

Over the years there is still a gap between people and technology as most of the citizens are not educated. However, as citizens of this country, it is our responsibility to educate such individuals. Here comes Rahul Rathi, a young lad who has been assisting others in filling this gap with his vast technical skills.

Based out of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Rahul has put his expertise in digital space to good use in the service of humanity. For the thousands of people that surround him, he has become an inspiration in the field of digital resources. He also assists various state government departments in their exploration of the ever-evolving, huge digital ecosystem of e-governance. 

As a student, he is assisting all government schools in his region in maintaining and managing ‘Shala Darpan,’ a dynamic database management platform created to keep information and records about all government schools and education offices online, replacing the old traditional method of keeping records on a register. He also assists students in completing registration forms for their Board Examinations, which is extremely admirable.

He is not fatigued because of his desire to make a difference in society. Even during the Covid Pandemic, he was volunteering his time and knowledge by supporting thousands of disadvantaged people in self-registering at the Co-Win portal and being vaccinated.

Talking about his work, Rahul Rathi says, “ When I learned that the dropout rate at government-run schools is substantially higher than the enrolling rate, I was surprised and shocked. This made me realize that someone needed to raise awareness about the significance of education, so I began traveling to distant villages across Rajasthan to speak with parents and children, encouraging them to pursue education.”

This young talented boy has an access to a Facebook-approved portal through which he prevents online frauds, banking thefts, data piracy, and account hacking. He offers his services pro bono to common citizens as well as known politicians of Rajasthan.

Adding more to his achievements he is a web designer & app developer who is credited with creating multiple websites for a variety of social organizations. He also works as an IT consultant for a number of well-known people and as a political counselor to a number of politicians.

One can definitely say that Rahul Rathi is a true inspiration for the youths and must grasp knowledge like him & help people grow. 


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