This Diwali while using the hashtag #diyajalaoroshnilao light someone’s home with sparkles and happiness

India is a country where we celebrate each and every festival with unity and diversity. Especially, Diwali is one where people decorate their houses and offices with diyas and lights. During this festive season one common thing that brands begin is put forth their creative campaign for spreading awareness among the masses. Keeping the same concept in mind, a digital production and entertainment company, “Beat of Life Entertainment“ has come up with a hashtag coined to be #diyajalaoroshnilao. The reason behind this hashtag is to spead awareness about the craftsmen who are working hard day and night for making diyas to sparkle homes with the festive vibe.

The idea behind launching this hashtag is not only to help potters but it is also to educate today’s young generation about the country’s age old traditions. It is said that Diwali is celebrated because it is when Lord Rama, returned after completing 14 years of exile to Ayodhya, with his wife Mata Sita, and his younger brother Lakshmana. To commemorate this occasion, the entire city of Ayodhya was decorated with lights. Since then, it has become a ritualto light up homes with lights and diyas on the same day to celebrate the triumph of good over evil and to welcome Lord Rama.

This year, “Beat of Life Entertainment” is launching a significant initiative to support potters and to educate the public about their way of life. Anyone who wants to participate in this project can very easily join this campaign, by using the hashtag #diyajalaoroshnilao to share a photo of oneself holding a clay lamp on social media. People may celebrate happiness and spread awareness of our culture and heritage not just in India but also around the world.

While telling about his point of view on starting this initiative of the #diyajalaoroshnilao campaign the founder of Beat of Life Entertainment Piyush Sagar said, “Diwali is not only the festival of light but also an occasion of positivity, victory, and happiness all around, but the sad part is that there is no happiness among those who spread light on our home on this festival.” Concluding on the same, he said that “The biggest initiative behind this hashtag is to stand for the potter’s welfare and help them in the best way one can.”

Piyush Sagar launched the business in 2015, and it was entirely his concept to make it easier for customers to find everything in one spot. Digital Production and Entertainment Company the Beat of Life Entertainment is well-known locally, throughout Jharkhand, and internationally. Incorporated into their goals and objectives, it is also a commercial and corporate business sector.


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