Actress Preeti Jhangiani launches India’s first professional arm-wrestling league

There is no doubt that women have stepped out of their comfort zone and are doing extremely well across all realms of life. With their tough-minded personality and optimistic take towards life, women have become an inspiration for millions of others who are aiming towards imprinting their footprint in the professional world. Preeti Jhangiani is one such influential personality who is time and again making headlines with her outstanding achievements. Recently, the actress has launched India’s first professional arm-wrestling Pro Panja League that is focusing on supporting women players in training and balancing their families and the sport as well.

Bollywood actress Preeti Jhangiani who is famous for her impeccable acting in Mohabbatein has been keeping busy juggling between running Swen Entertainment, a firm she co-founded with her husband, and launching India’s first professional arm-wrestling league named ‘Pro Panja League’. The power couple Preeti Jhangiani and Parvin Dabas are meticulously working towards revolutionizing the sport of arm wrestling with the introduction of their recent venture Pro Panja League on February 29 in New Delhi. With the Pro Panja League, Preeti Jhangiani is shedding light on the importance of health, wellbeing, and fitness in our daily lifestyle. 

Preeti has been emphasizing on fitness and has introduced her Fitness India Show, which she established in 2017. The entrepreneur says, “Luckily, for me, I had good metabolism, so I never thought that I needed to work out but it was only in my early 30s that I realized that the body doesn’t remain the same. It isn’t just about having a great body or figure, but holistic wellbeing. As women, we wear so many hats at home and work so it’s imperative for us to look after ourselves”.

Talking about her inspiring journey, entrepreneur Preeti Jhangiani says, “I gained 25 kgs after I conceived my second son Dev in 2016. Then my trainer pushed me to take my fitness routine seriously. Once my trainer put one of my fitness videos online which in turn, led to a lot of people starting reaching out to me and telling me how inspired they were. This moment led to the discovery of the Fitness India Show. The show caters to people who have never worked out in their lives and are looking for motivation. The program focuses on how after pregnancy, women can get back into shape and get their strength back”. 

Pro Panja League offers two weight categories for women and differently-abled persons, and the prize money is the same in all three events. The platform looks forward to providing everyone with equal chances and rewards. Founded by popular Bollywood actor Parvin Dabas and his wife Preeti Jhangiani, Pro Panja League began in 2020 with a positive response from Indian fans. The announcement of the tournament increased the popularity of arm wrestling to new heights, thanks to the fact that the Indian public was already familiar with the sport. Preeti Jhangiani has proved her worth and is achieving new milestones with her productive personality and consistent approach. 


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