Kimmu’s Kitchen by Kamaljit Kaur, a one-stop destination for fresh and pure Ghee

If you are a woman wanting to make a name for yourself in a largely male-dominated society, then it is likely that you have to cross a lot of hurdles in life, and doing the same is a lady named Kamaljit Kaur. An entrepreneur and the founder of Kimmu’s Kitchen, Kaur has made a name for herself and is now a force to reckon with. Her startup is now emerging as the preferred choice of a lot of consumers who are willing to purchase farm-fresh Bilona ghee. 

Kimmu’s Kitchen by Kamaljit Kaur,
Kimmu’s Kitchen by Kamaljit Kaur,

Hailing from Punjab’s Ludhiana, Kamaljit always had access to fresh milk which is a source of Ghee, Paneer, and other dairy products. The Journey of Kimmu’s Kitchen began when a friend of her son advised Kaur to give a shape of business to her passion of making ghee and panjiris. Following extensive three-month market research, Kamaljit started her journey as an entrepreneur and incepted Kimmu’s Kitchen in December 2020. The aim was to provide consumers with additives and preservatives-free natural ghee as Kaur felt that Mumbai, where she was living post her marriage, did not have the natural dairy products. To keep the ghee cent percent pure, Kamaljit uses the method called Bilona. Under this process, the ghee is made from curd and not directly from butter or cream. 

The ghee is made in Ludhiana and transported to the financial capital for packaging and distribution. As the famous phrase goes “Luck favors the brave”, Kamaljit was also rewarded for her hard work and braveness. Her startup started gaining traction and today Kimmu’s Kitchen is clocking a revenue of Rs 20 lakh month on month and ships out over 4,500 bottles of ghee each month. They now have three different-sized ghee bottles available for retail – 220 ml, 500 ml, and 1 litre.

Additionally, Kamaljit also donates a small portion of the revenue earned for humanitarian purposes, whether it is feeding people at the gurudwaras or any other kind of service. Further, they have also started to ship the ghee bottles abroad as they received their order from Poland. Be it playing the role of Wife, Mother, or Entrepreneur, Kamaljit Kaur has always shined in the characters she played. 


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