Savin Communication launches Savinverse, a Tech-driven PR & Marketing Platform

In a major move, Savin Communication, India’s first PR-tech Company, has announced the launch of its much-anticipated PR and Marketing Platform- Savinverse. The Noida- based PR-tech company which recently completed its 6 Years of Inception has launched Savinverse, a 360-degree PR and Marketing Platform, to assist numerous brands, individuals, businesses and MSMEs in elevating their Brand Visibility and Online Presence through incorporating several aspects of Public Relations under a single roof. Witnessing a series of startups looking to take their businesses to a next level, Savin Communication has meticulously and strategically designed this PR platform that provides 5 Services under a single umbrella. These 5 Services that are often referred to as the key pillars of Digital Marketing includes: Public Relations, Crisis Communication, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Campaign Design.

Savin Communication, often touted as one of the best PR Companies in India, has successfully set a major foothold in the realm of Public Relations due to its comprehensive digital solutions that have proven to be resourceful, effective and efficient for numerous brands including major corporate giants. With personalised solutions suiting the needs of clients, they have assisted entrepreneurs in setting a strong foothold in their respective segments. However, incepted with an aim to assist startups in turning them into a brand and understanding the need for them to find various cost-effective PR and Marketing Solutions under one roof, Savin Communication has introduced the much-awaited Savinverse.

So, what is Savinverse all about and how it could be a game changer for startups and small businesses looking to set the right narrative, engage with their target audience and create a positive buzz around the brand.

What is Savinverse?

Savinverse is a structured, well-designed platform by Savin Communication that is aimed at helping startups and small businesses in taking their business to the next level by providing them with Digital Public Relations services and solutions. Savinverse represents a holistic approach to digital marketing, where every aspect of Public Relations is seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive solution. It is a testament to the vision of Savin Communication, a company that understands the needs of startups and small businesses, and seeks to empower them with the tools necessary to transform their dreams into reality. With Savinverse, these ambitious enterprises can now harness the superpowers of Public Relations, Crisis Communication, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Campaign Design, all in one place.

Savinverse and the potential to create consistent brand experiences that matter, based on a data-informed content strategy

As one of the best PR companies in India, Savin Communication has earned its reputation by delivering outstanding results through their comprehensive digital solutions. By leveraging data-informed content strategies, they create consistent brand experiences that resonate with the target audience, leaving a lasting impact. The unique blend of expertise and creativity set to be offered by Savinverse would set it apart from its competitors, making it the go-to platform for startups and small businesses seeking to make their mark in the competitive market.

You might be wondering how Savinverse would be able to assist businesses in meeting their objectives. Well, the short answer for this would be- through integrated tailored solutions like SMART PR and Press Release Dissemination.


Savin Communication have heightened the podium of working for the PR Industry through their own concept of SMART PR, which, since its launch, has created a buzz in the industry. The concept gives brands the power to customise public relation strategies for brand outreach and build credibility through time based, and measurable outcomes. Yielding content solutions in a way that communicates about your brand, SMART PR sets goals and objectives that are clearly measurable when it comes to the positioning of the brand in the competitive market.

Press Release Dissemination

With an association of more than 150 Publications across Pan-India, Savin disseminates well-structured Press Releases about startups across renowned Digital Publications such as The Week, Midday, DNA, Outlook, and etc. These Press Releases:

  • Create a Positive Buzz about the Startup
  • Make People Aware about the USPs, Objectives and Vision of the Brand
  • Create a Sense of Trust among the people as these Publications have Authenticity and a Massive Readership 
  • Assist in Bringing huge Web Traffic to the Site along with Registrations (this is achieved through the process of Backlinking)

The Five Superpowers of Savinverse

The five superpowers of Savinverse form the pillars of its strength.

Public Relations, the first superpower, enables brands to build meaningful relationships with their audience, craft compelling narratives, and shape public perception.

Crisis Communication, the second superpower, equips businesses with the ability to navigate and manage challenging situations effectively, safeguarding their reputation during times of adversity.

Influencer Marketing, the third superpower, taps into the influential voices of industry leaders and trendsetters, amplifying brand messages and widening their reach.

Social Media Marketing, the fourth superpower, unlocks the potential of social platforms to engage and interact with the target audience, creating a vibrant online community. Finally, Campaign Design, the fifth superpower, encompasses the art of creating visually stunning and emotionally captivating campaigns that capture attention and inspire action both on Digital Media and the not so mainstream Social Media.

With long years of experience in the realm of Advertising, Marketing and Brand Building and having successfully delivered numerous big projects, there is certainly no doubt that Savin Communication is one of the Best Creative Agencies in India and with the introduction of Savinverse, they are poised to set the benchmark even higher by providing startups a credible platform to promote their brands and their offerings digitally and by assisting them create a positive buzz around the brand that will help them be ahead of their competitors.


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