Admission Jockey Founder Debjyoti Saha Announces Free Education And Scholarship For Underprivileged

One of India’s leading Entrepreneurs Debjyoti Saha, founder and CEO of  Admission Jockey, an ed-tech platform has been providing an ed-tech platform by providing counselling for students with the help of a panel of experts consultants. Admission Jockey has recently announced their scholarship program to help students to get their dream colleges and courses.

‘Admission Jockey Build Your Future Scholarship

 With the aim of helping poor students, the Admission JockeyEducation Drive Scholarship is a national scholarship by Admission Jockey where they will bear the cost of the entire education of 20 children in whose family the earning member is deceased.

During this tough situation of the pandemic, Debjyoti felt that every student has the basic right to an education that’s why he decided to strive for their rights and reach as many needy students as they can through their website. Through this scholarship, they ensure that COVID-19 cannot shatter the dreams of young students.

‘Admission Jockey Student Dream’ Scholarship

There are many students who are not able to pursue their higher education due to a lack of financial resources. The Admission Jockey Student Dream Scholarship is a national scholarship for all India’s poor students to support their higher education. Every year, they award this scholarship to students worth INR 25 lakhs all around India in order to help them construct the country of their dreams.

To lighten the burden on students’ shoulders, Debjyoti along with his co-founder Partha Pratim Halder started this scholarship for every young mind that deserves the education they want to pursue.

Admission Jockey holds the reign in the domain

A one-stop solution for all your admission needs, Admission Jockey, is an ed-tech platform where students can search institutions by region, course, and exam. On its website, the platform allows students to compare colleges and has even formed bank relationships, where they provide thorough information about education loans and enable students to apply for a loan.

Not only do they provide educational guidance but they also have listed hostels for students on their website where they can choose which hostels they want, with the help of a professional team of experts. Through telephonic conversations, the counsellor’s aid students in securing admission to their selected colleges. Apart from accommodations, they also feature a variety of additional services for students on their website, such as coaching centres, stationery shops, and so on, depending on their chosen area.

Debjyoti Saha extends help and support to all families and students through his venture. And for the same, he said, “ Admission Jockey is a one-stop solution for every student’s college hunt. I am elated to announce that our company is keeping no stone unturned to contribute to our society during these tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many unfortunate families have lost their breadwinners to coronavirus disease. And needless to say, a lot of members of underprivileged families have lost their job to the pandemic.To help such families fulfil the dreams of educating their children, Admission Jockey has come up with two promising scholarships -Admission Jockey Education Drive Scholarship and Admission Jockey Student Dream Scholarship”

“Finally the only message I want to convey to all the young minds thirsty for knowledge and wisdom – your education is our priority,” he further added.

To help such students, he urges people to spread his message to as many people so that they can impact at least 20 lives this year, whose breadwinner of the family could not withstand the wrath of the virus. To know more about them, visit their website   and send us a request for the scholarships. Fill in the required details and their team will reach you in no time.


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