Samosa Singh announces pilot association with Reliance Smart to bring their offerings to superstore shoppers

Indian snacking startup Samosa Singh today announces its pilot association with Reliance Smart Superstores to bring India’s favorite snack to its shoppers. The association is part of the ongoing efforts by Samosa Singh to expand its consumer presence in modern trade stores through delivering exciting innovation and snacking experience, alliances and Reliance Smart is the perfect collaboration in that direction. 

Both Reliance Smart and Samosa Singh aim to offer value for money yet premium offerings and experiences that are aligned to the needs and sensibilities of their core audience. This shared school of thought is the foundation of this association. Samosa Singh is excited about piloting the association in a few stores in Bangalore and expand the association gradually across stores. This association will introduce Reliance Smart visitors to a tailor-made menu offering an array of delicious Indian street foods and samosas including Samosa Singh favourite, Masala corn samosa and achaari aaloo stuffed kulchas. 

Speaking on the association, Shikhar Veer Singh, Co-founder & CEO says “Our aim has always been to appeal to the masses and for them to enjoy Samosa with the convenience of being available anytime anywhere. This association helps us further our goal of reintroducing the new generation to Samosa, a snack Indians have relished across generations.” 

“Samosa Singh was born from a simple realisation – in India, leisure time and snack foods are both inextricably linked to the country’s cultural fabric. Also snacking post a shopping haul is something every customer looks forward to. With our presence at SMART Superstore, we are thrilled to reach out to so many customers, by presenting them with India’s favourite snack in a variety of options,’’ said Nidhi Singh, Co-founder & COO, Samosa Singh.

Samosa Singh was founded in 2016, with the objective of reinventing the king of Indian snacks – the samosa – and presenting it to customers in new and exciting ways. Samosa is a snack that holds a very special place in the Indian snacking industry. It creates a sense of nostalgia and a feel-good experience for its consumers.  By elevating the familiar joyful experience, Samosa Singh has helped the preferred local snack come a long way from its humble street food origins. With this association Samosa Singh aims to bring its variety of offerings to consumers who enjoy snacking on the go, especially during shopping. 

“Citizen Customers expect modern, interesting, food ideas from a platform like SMART Superstore. Food in India, is full of exciting possibilities. Providing a platform to an innovative start up like Samosa Singh comes naturally to Reliance Smart. I am said it will add one more reason that makes shopping at SMART, more interesting.” said Damodar Mall, CEO, Grocery Retail, Reliance Retail.

Samosa Singh currently operates in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, with plans to establish and consolidate its presence in South the coming year. It has partnered with leading national brands such as INOX, PVR Cinemas, and Café Coffee Day, among others. In 2019, Samosa Singh entered into strategic partnerships with multinational retailers for the launch of its ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook samosa ranges. Samosa Singh recently opened its flagship outlet at Bangalore International Airport. 


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