Fluentoo by Roshan Manohar Muramalla is language-learning platform for next-generation globalization

Entrepreneurs are crucial to market economies because they drive the nation’s economic expansion. They encourage new employment by developing new facilities and services, which eventually accelerates economic growth. In order to support and stimulate entrepreneurship, which is crucial for economic progress– Roshan Manohar Muramalla, one such young entrepreneur from the little city of Kakinada, is redefining the language learning sector with his original approach to education. By introducing Fluentoo, an innovation to every part of the enterprise, and enhancing output by leveraging the current resources in the most effective methods, he has been supervising the development of the education sector for those students who are applying abroad.

By providing reinvigorated and improved services, and technology, entrepreneurs create new markets. As a result, they contribute to increasing income and creating new wealth. So that more benefits can be provided to the people by the government. He founded Fluentoo, a language learning platform that trains students using a skill-based approach, as a result of his experience as a student, which led him to find language learning to be a challenging and unpleasant process. Roshan found that this is because languages are frequently viewed as academics rather than skills. He started Fluentoo with the goal of revving up language learning for all those who need more practical solutions than just merits.

“Entrepreneurship has the ability to improve people’s lives by creating new technology or adding innovation to already-existing benefits and services,” Roshan Manohar Muramalla shared what entrepreneurship means to him. Entrepreneurs help lessen reliance on outdated practices, processes, and technologies and alter or break social norms and cultures. In essence, entrepreneurs are the bearers of new technology and methodical learning, which ultimately result in societal modifications. These adjustments are linked to a better way of living, creative thinking, stronger morale, and better economic decision-making. Thus, businesses have a progressive impact on regional, planetary, and global changes.

“Language learning is a way to gain discernment regarding various cultures and it will open the doors for you to the world and lets you be the strong personality wherever you are.” When discussing the value of language study in this globalization renaissance, Roshan added, “No one is limited to one place anymore. In this globalized world, one can access the world easily but language will give you access to perfect it. The world will readily receive your skills when expressed in the right way and the right language.” “Language is not an academic skill, it is a life skill,” Roshan Manohar Muramalla further added.

Fluentoo’s skill-based approach to language learning, in contrast to traditional language schools that emphasise courses, helps students build the practical abilities they need to succeed in any field and at any stage of life. Fluentoo enables students to reach their best potential by using cutting-edge technology and creative teaching strategies. Fluentoo uses easy guide steps to make learning effortless and effective via providing suitable study material, doing a performance review, mentor support, trained certified teachers, hosting consulting sessions, and connecting with peer groups. Not only this, the platform has courses for all age groups – Kids, adolescents, and adults.

Entrepreneurs are unique technocrats because they are constantly seeking fresh concepts and refining old ones. However, both Roshan and his influence going beyond individual business endeavors are remarkable. Under his skillful direction, Fluentoo has swiftly emerged as one of the most popular and cutting-edge language-learning platforms available. With a focus on student pleasure and achievement, Fluentoo is working toward its goal of becoming the best language-learning platform in the world. Fluentoo is the right platform for anyone trying to unleash the power of language, whether they are professionals looking to grow their worldwide network or students aspiring to be a confident language speaker. Join Fluentoo in its effort to transform the way people learn languages.


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