Dhakshinamoorthy emerges as one of the most celebrated Content Curator & YouTuber through his YouTube Channel- INFO D

How often do you watch YouTube when you’re cooking, dressing up, or decorating your home? The answer is all the time. YouTube is a platform that can’t be skipped. It has gradually become the top app for songs, music, videos, and shorts. Not only this, the platform is one of the best places to get entertained. Dhakshinamoorthy is one of the YouTubers who has become widely famous for his informative, entertaining, and awareness based channel ‘INFO D.’ 63,000 people are currently subscribed with his channel “INFO D” and around 152k followers have followed him on Instagram, where he updates his followers about his work.

Consumers between the ages of thirteen and twenty four spend 11.3 hours per week watching free internet videos as opposed to 8.3 hours per week watching regularly scheduled TV, according to a survey by Qualitative Research and digital media. The report identifies the following as a critical factor affecting millennials’ consumption of Internet video: 62 percent of study participants thought digital entertainment has the same memory-boosting effects as television, compared to 40 percent who said television does. According to the survey, 66 percent of millennials said they use digital content to relax, compared to 47 percent of TV viewers, and 67 percent of millennials the digital content read. Similarly, Dhakshinamoorthy has conquered several minds with his pleasing videos and content creation.

His work for lifestyle segments in the English language includes videos on the greatest men’s accessories, the best perfume for men, fashionable fall clothing, laid-back winter ensembles, summer fashion, and more. On his channel, he also publishes a number of educational videos in Tamil and English. Not only that, but he also offers advice on how to make money through affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, and other relevant subjects. He wants to research additional material on topics like men’s fashion, technology, cars, money, cryptocurrency, and other topics. Dhakshinamoorthy was raised in the Indian state of Tamilnadu. He holds a graduate degree in Automobile Engineering (B.E.), is 24 years old, and is also a model who has taken part in a number of men’s fashion shows. with an effective command over English language, he is also a popular name in men’s physique competitions.

Many YouTube celebrities encourage this feeling of connection by speaking to their fans in videos, starting with addressing important issues or making announcements. Dhakshinamoorthy stated, “I strive to create a sense of familiarity that my viewers require. Through my channel, many YouTube stars have tried to maintain a good idea of how to connect with the target audience. But it even extends to how many of them address their audiences. The connection with them is different: I have grown up with the means to indicate and strengthen that connection, and many use that as their anchor to keep their feet on the ground.”

The fact that Dhakshinamoorthy offers videos in both Tamil and English, is one of its best features. He believes that using video is a great way to captivate audiences and communicate compelling stories. The best communicators are typically the performers for a reason. If one does a better job of conveying a story with their well-versed films, they will be more preferable. This has always been how Dhakshinamoorthy has run his channel. He has been successful in getting people to seriously evaluate important topics of their lives.



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