The inspiring journey of Jasbir Singh Bhatia, Founder & CEO of BIR’s FOOD FACTORY

The show must go on’ is a phrase a lot of people must have heard in their lives and Jasbir Singh Bhatia, the founder, and CEO of Bir’s Food Factory is someone who also lives by the phrase. The journey of the young and innovative entrepreneur is an inspiration to all the upcoming business enthusiasts who are willing to bring something to the plate. The new and innovative idea of setting up a ‘Contactless Dining’ FoodTech startup led Jasbir to start his own outlet to get a sense of the logistics of the business. However, like a typical Bollywood Movie, the road to start the outlet was full of ups and downs. 

Jasbir Singh Bhatia, Founder & CEO of BIR’s FOOD FACTORY
Jasbir Singh Bhatia, Founder & CEO of BIR’s FOOD FACTORY

It was time for Jasbir to get things started and he was all prepared to launch his own outlet but then a tragedy struck him. Weeks before the official launch of his outlet, he hit the Badminton Racket on his face that smashed his spectacles and a piece of glass tore into his cornea. He was discharged the next day however the date on which the launch was supposed to happen could not take place as Jasbir was recovering and he was unsure that his father could handle all the preparations. Despite being on the rest, the zeal to get things started was always there in Jasbir, and eventually, with the help of his father, a friend, and brother-in-law, he launched his own outlet-  BIR’s Food Factory.

With the patience to understand the ground realities and logistics of the business, dealing with Covid 19, and then surviving an eye injury, Jasbir has truly shown people that if you truly want to make it big, you can definitely make it big if you have the zeal in yourself. 


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