Rising from Small Town, Jyoti Gupta takes initiative to help millions

At the times where several news channels have been broadcasting breaking news of many reputed doctors being involved in the scams, there have been many prominent instances where doctors can be seen saving the lives of people by putting their precious breath to risk. 

Doctors save lives, but their significance extends much further. They also make a difference by assisting patients in reducing pain and speeding up their recovery process from prolonged sickness. Doctors are at the heart of any healthcare system who care and provide eminent support to the sufferers. One such prominent name is Jyoti Gupta who is also working meticulously as a selfless social worker to improve the healthcare status of society. 

In a third-world country like India, social work has been serving as the instrument for both social stability and social change. Alongside the professional social workers, there are medical professionals who also work tirelessly to help underprivileged people regain the balance of personal, family and social life. They provide their services in hospitals, outpatient clinics and community health facilities to support the country’s poor. One such inspiring medical professional is Jyoti Gupta who is a doctor turned social worker dedicated to social welfare. 

The 37-year old medical veteran, Jyoti Gupta is a pathologist who completed her MBBS from GR Medical College, Gwalior. After completing her formal medical education, she continued to work as a social worker to provide patients and families with necessary medical resources and support. The Indian social system has been long facing several social issues in the form of population explosion, unemployment, poverty, ignorance, old age, unhygienic living conditions, bad housing, poor nutrition, incompatible dietary habits, poor sanitary facilities, and lack of safe drinking water among many more. All of these lead the general population to poor health, which is actually the sign of India’s social imbalance. In this situation, Joyti Gupta assists in the complete well-being of an individual, 

As a doctor, Jyoti Gupta has set up autoimmunity and molecular diagnostic centres in small cities to make these services accessible to the ordinary Indian population. In fact, she has been behind the organization of several medical camps across the country where poor and old-age people get a health check-up and medical advice free of cost. These free medical camps are aimed at helping India to fight against chronic medical issues. She is making tireless efforts so that affordable healthcare can reach the underprivileged population in India.

Talking about his medical journey the doctor Jyoti Guptal says, “I feel privileged to save the lives of millions of people who look up to us for their healthy lifestyle. Since childhood, I have always been passionate about helping people and making their life feel like a blessing. I believe that if you are in the medical profession then selflessness and empathy towards patients are the greatest attributes that you need to possess in order to become an influential name in the medical universe.”

The doctor further added, “Poverty is a constant issue in a developing country like India. In fact, it is the root of several prevailing issues like low income, suboptimal diet, chronic hunger and so on. These have made malnutrition a very common issue in the country.  My dream is to make healthcare accessible to every Indian, regardless of their social or financial status.”

A doctor applies his or her comprehensive knowledge to identify a medical condition that a patient is experiencing and then uses his or her skills to treat it. Especially at times like today, when a communicable disease threatens to wipe out practically the whole global population, not just a few hundred people. Also, Jyoti Gupta is planning to build a skin and beauty care products – Evanex – which will be dedicated to making Indians aware of the need for proper skin care. As India is looking forward to becoming the global leader in the coming times, Jyoti Gupta is envisioning a healthy and disease-free India.


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