Elance draws on the Bagging Ranks Legacy

One of the most quickly expanding and successful educational businesses, Elance Learning, has achieved success once more. Following in the footsteps of past pupils who achieved a combined total of 24 World and 40 National Ranks, Elance has succeeded in gaining further ranks.

We are happy to announce that we have added two additional World Ranks and two All India Ranks to the list, continuing the tradition of gathering ranks. Megha Johnson and Vaishnav Unny, two of our students, brought attention to Elance in front of the world by placing third and fifth, respectively, for the paper AAA. Megha Johnson and Juan Pathrose’s win of the “Middle East Top Affiliate” title has increased their happiness. In the ACCA September Session 2023 in Kuwait, Megha Johnson was also selected as one of the “Middle East Regional Prize Winners” for the paper AAA.

Elance was founded in 2018 by a small group of passionate and forward-thinking individuals with just 22 students. Since then, the company has carved out a position for itself by offering candidates skill-based learning and professional finance certificates. With over 15,000 students led in their professional academic journey, Elance aims to create a full environment for commerce education and has the best faculties and team to do this.

Notable successes such as these provide Elance with inspiration and drive throughout this period of continuous growth and development. These kinds of successes serve to recall and confirm the company’s goals, which include creating a comprehensive environment for financial and commerce education in order to democratize these fields.


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