Mohtaseem Raza Khan – Notable Digital Marketing Entrepreneur in India with Business Ethics

Born on 20th March 1997 in Patna, Bihar, Mohtaseem Raza khan started wandering behind the questions of technology and the internet since childhood. These habits helped him choose the right path and Mohtaseem Raza khan became a pioneer in the field of digital marketing in India.

Changing with the times is the law of progress and it is necessary for everyone. The growing traditional way of digital marketing for businesses and entrepreneurs has helped create new opportunities. Mohtaseem Raza Khan, the young digital entrepreneur from Patna, Bihar, has maintained his success in the industry with his business ethic and knowledge. His efforts, dedication, and 11 years of experience have made Mohtaseem Raza Khan a trustworthy and ideal personality in this market. Presently, He is a well-known Indian Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Expert, Social Media Specialist, Author, Content Creator. He is recognized as a renowned marketing expert in the business world, whose policies and methods have taken the structure of the business to new heights.

Born on 20 March 1997 in Patna, Bihar , Mohtaseem Raza Khan started wandering behind the questions of technology and the internet since childhood. These habits helped him choose the right path and Mohtaseem Raza Khan became a pioneer in the field of digital marketing in India. Feat Digital, a small startup company started in 2018, has transformed itself into a known brand in these 3 years, which is benefiting everyone. His innovation, concepts, experience, and strategy have made him a well-known company for digital marketing across the world, whose expertise includes Online Marketing, Google SEO, Online Branding, Social Media Management, Digital PR, Web Development, News Campaigns, Advertising & Blogging.

From a young age, Mohtaseem Raza Khan started adopting blogging rapidly with the support of his family. Looking at the vision of the future, he chose to blog as a career and the result is in front of everyone today; where millions of youths prefer to choose blogging as a career. Today Mohtaseem Raza Khan is recognized as a well-known content creator, author and blogger, everyone in the industry loves his blogging and takes inspiration from them to be like them. Feat Digital has created versatile clients globally, including Celebrities, Actors, Singers, Directors, Brands, Corporates, Influencers, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Individuals, and Small Business owners through its transparency, business policies, and quality.

Today, ideas are exchanged by big and small entrepreneurs with Mohtaseem Raza Khan for key tasks like brand building, productivity, social media visibility, media coverage, and lead generation. Being an experienced digital marketer, Mohtaseem Raza Khan has mastered the feat of bringing Instagram and social media fame to countless celebrities and artists and creating an internet sensation. Due to these qualities, they are also called social media specialists, whether it is Social Media Verification Badge, Google Knowledge Panel, Instagram Bluetick and Wikipedia creation, it is very easy for him. Waving the flag of victory in this manner, today he is counted among the Top Digital Marketers of India, for which full credit goes to his ability. 

During the interview, Mohtaseem Raza Khan mentioned his struggle and bad times that “Times can be bad, no one has his control, but honesty, talent, and perseverance are the pillars that support you even in bad times”. Their soaring success in these 3 years, while learning from failures and garnering knowledge, explains the fact that their excellence has transformed business. Another reason behind taking the service; their prompt customer support, service quality, and the right information, due to which they have built their brand image in the entrepreneurs. His work has been featured on many well-known national and international news media.

His resolution, unstoppable vision, and boundless knowledge place him in the position of a successful digital entrepreneur and marketing expert. His clients are getting the light of success from his ocean of knowledge, due to which millions of other people get impressed by him and join his social media.


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