Kheltalk, a new sports centric website in the market to tickle the interest of sports fans

Kheltalk is one of fastest growing sports portal of India which has been revolutionary in the Sports Journalism industry lately. It has been operating since June, 2020. KhelTalk is committed to its vision of becoming the most visited Indian sports website. The website is continuously trying to improve its content and will constantly aim to deliver what their users want and expect from them.


KhelTalk especially aims at providing sports news plus all information on Fantasy Sports. Apart from providing highly detailed updates on fantasy sports (IPL, Dream11) and Cricket, they also give out expert tips that can help fantasy players in making correct decisions during their drafts. What sets KhelTalk apart is that they back up their claims with cutting-edge technology and statistics. They also have a support section where specialists provide live tips during the contests.


In short we can say it is an ultimate sporting junction for every type of fan and match-made heaven for those who want to know every single bit about sports and its aspects. We aim at going the extra mile for our beloved audience and get them what other websites don’t offer like deep live coverage of matches, Predictions, player bio, etc.


Kheltalk is owned and managed by a BVC eServices Private Limited that aspires to provide fans around the world with the real ultimate experience of sports free of cost. KhelTalk helps you not only follow the game but know the aspects of the game that only professionals know. Their team of experienced professionals works day in and day out to give you everything about cricket or other sports with one click.


It is not a normal cricket-centric or other sports news platform. Here we not only provide you with every latest happenings of the cricketing world or other sports but also give fans verdict and present it in an attractive and understanding way.


Ever since starting KhelTalk, their fans have given them immense support at every stage and because of that, they are one of the fastest-growing platforms right now. They have over 53K followers on Facebook and these numbers are hard to stop, at the rate they are receiving love from cricket fans. There are many reasons why fans love them and some of these are


Reliability- One thing which sets them apart is the reliability of every single piece of information published on their platform. They take huge pride in giving you exclusive and most authentic information.


Accuracy- KhelTalk prediction segment is really famous among fans and one of the biggest reasons for such popularity is their accuracy. Through their professional dedicated team, they use modern methods to provide you with the most accurate prediction articles and our success rate in predictions speaks for itself.


Free of Cost- KhelTalk have pledged to provide fans what they deserve and we blindly follow these rules. They don’t charge even a single penny to fans in exchange for any of their services. They even run Telegram groups where they constantly give you info about matches free of cost.


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