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Mr. Sheik M. Arif Set to Make Waves in the World of Cosmetic & Aesthetics Procedures

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Mr. Sheikh M. Arif is the Founder & Managing Director at Luxury Aesthetics, a skincare and cosmetic centre. A maths wiz from the start, Arif got his honours degree in Mathematics from the reputed Jamia Millia Islamia University. His proficiency in mathematics, statistics, and economics augmented his business acumen and bolstered his career early on. His father was his mentor and trained Arif from scratch. Arif began his journey as a floor manager to understand the nitty-gritty of business. He started off by managing his father’s business, after which he was given the reins of his very own company. His career took off once he became the Director in Famous Art industries in 1996 where he got hands-on training and understood the fundamentals of the business and its operational nuances. After mastering the operational side of the business, Mr. Sheikh worked towards gaining a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour. Given his global outlook, he sought to gain insight into the needs and aspirations of both domestic and international clients, which was facilitated by his interactions with the international clientele visiting India and his attendance at international fairs. These interactions with a wide spectrum of clients from across the world gave Mr. Arif a unique insight into the needs of consumers, and the ability & agility to surpass their ever-evolving expectations, while also staying abreast with the latest trends.

A visionary at heart, he laid the foundations of and directed various companies, including Famous Medicare Hospital, Famous Art Group of Industries, Indian Handicrafts and Export corporation, ‘The Land of Art’ by Famous 2021, ‘Mango Tree’ by Famous 2014, and ‘Famous Art & Antique International’ 2002. He has steered many companies to success by being an adept Director, including the ‘Famous Art group of Industries’, ‘Indian Handicraft & Export Corporation’ 1996, and ‘Famous Art Industries’ 1996.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a turning point for Mr. Arif’s personal and professional life. Witnessing the widespread suffering and pain all around him, and experiencing personal tragedies of his own pushed him to start Famous Medicare as a way to provide exceptional medical services to everyone. Seeing the hospital save countless lives and bring back a glimmer of hope in people’s lives was the most rewarding part of his career and has inspired him to scale Famous Medicare even further.

There are numerous achievements to his name, owing to his ground-breaking innovations in every industry he ventures into. An enterprising self-starter from an incredibly young age, he has had the honour of being the youngest Founder Director amongst the Exporters in India. Moreover, he has been a trend-setter in every line of business he started. Being an Industry Leader, he has also represented India on all major export platforms.

He has reached this level of success due to his ability to take risks in introducing new and innovative ideas and executing them with nothing less than perfection. This commitment to excellence is what made his latest venture, ‘Luxury Aesthetics’, a skin clinic, into the success it is today, with the most advanced devices, tools, and equipment, along with experienced, trained, and qualified cosmetic surgeons, to ensure the best treatment for their clients. His vision for the clinic can be summarized as – “facilitating self-expression, self-confidence, and self-love for everyone by enabling them to look the way they want.” The clinic offers both surgical and non-surgical treatments that allow individuals to be the best versions of themselves. Their treatments offer a renewed sense of self-confidence to those who are either dissatisfied with their physical appearance or have suffered through accidents that necessitate surgical intervention to restore their physical appearance. Luxury Aesthetics gives its clients control over how they want to look, and in the process changes many lives for the better.

Mr. Arif has sought to give back to the community in each of his business ventures and hopes to continue his philanthropy and build on his father’s lasting legacy.

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