LadduBox: Offering the sweetness of Laddus mixed with healthy elements

Laddus are one of the favorite sweets in Indian families. But whenever there is a health concern, some people take a step back. So have you ever wondered if even laddus could be healthy?
Thinking along the same lines, one such startup of Hyderabad, “Laddu Box” by Saandeep Jogiparti and Kavitha Gopu, offers its customers a wide range of nutritious laddus made with ragi, coconut, oats, flaxseed, peanuts, dried fruit foie gras, and much more. They promise the taste of sweetness all the while making sure that they keep you in good health.
Returning to Hyderabad after completing their studies, the duo wanted to launch a business startup. After continuing their IT jobs for some time, they started a business that was based on the idea of gaining the perfect result by mixing various nutritious ingredients together.
They were a little skeptical at first because their product was just a laddu. People around them were also not sure if their business will work. Nevertheless, with utmost dedication and relentless efforts, the response they gained was satisfying because they have reached more than 1500 different customers in a short time.
“During the market research, everyone I interacted with explained how they wished there were healthier alternatives for sweets. When I told them there were Nutri-bars made of jaggery, they were not interested. They wanted something Indian,” says Saandeep, adding that laddus were a popular choice among everyone he spoke to, as they were tasty and quick to eat.
However, the business was on hold for some months because of the pandemic but soon they came up with their website; and created social media which gave them a boost not just in India but also in foreign countries like the US, UK. To date, the business has clocked a turnover of Rs 55 lakh and received 6,000 orders.
This quirky business idea helped the duo make a fortune proving the fact that, if executed properly, no concept is small and can attain heights.


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