Samphion: Get Matched With Someone Who Shares Your Interests And Lifestyle!

Find compatible matches from a handpicked list of profiles based on your interests.

Well, dating someone who shares a lot of our common interests is a good idea. But what’s the best place to look for them? That is, after all, why Samphion is here. Founded by Udit Shah, It connects you with people who have similar health and lifestyle practices. Whatever your passion is, Dancing, Zumba, Hiking, Music or Fashion, Samphion is here to offer you in choosing the right profile for your needs from a wide range of options. Not only Udit Shah, Asha Ponnachan waved as a Samphion brand specialist and mentor. She is an anti-human trafficking activist and has 18 years of marketing and business development experience on three continents. 

Let us illustrate how it works:

Users can look at profiles in 16 different areas of health and lifestyles with just two clicks. For example, Meditation, Green Living, Conscious Diet, Walking, Exercise, Fitness, Skincare, Yoga Sana, 5 A.M. Club, Mindfulness, Swimming, Dancing, Zumba, Hiking, Music, Fashion etc. Users can express themselves through their profile by creating their health and lifestyle profile. A user can, for example, upload photographs and express his or her interest in a number of topics, such as yoga or music, among others. When two users like each other, their profiles are paired and they begin to communicate. How do you do it? When one person sends a “Like” and the other sends a “Super Like”, it’s a Samphie, i.e, a match! Now that the profiles have been matched, they can begin interacting.

Finding compatible mates who understand your way of life can be difficult, as Samphion understands. As a result, Samphion connects you with people who share your underlying values, which is crucial for a long-term and healthy relationship. Rather than merely hooking up. 

Samphion places a high priority on their users’ safety and security, and they make no compromises since they believe in their users putting their trust in them and using the platform without worry of security breaches, allowing them to focus solely on building meaningful connections.

In addition to that, one of Samphion’s most significant and distinctive features is the ability to earn a reward for reporting a fraudulent or abusive profile. How does it work? Well, when a user reports a profile that is abusive, unlawful, or fraudulent, the complaint is examined and, if found to be genuine, the user is rewarded with badges, which help to increase the profile’s popularity. According to Samphion, It is a way to incentivize good actors on their platform when they help by reporting the bad actors. Samphion has people from India’s top colleges who have done their job best – in class efforts to make the app a huge success – from Graphic Designers to Social Media Managers to Performance Marketing Specialists.

That being said, if you want to improve your chances of finding love, if you’re single and want to meet someone who shares your interests, if lifestyle choices are important to you, Samphion is the place to be. 

Go and Get Your First Samphie Now, where your ideal companion is waiting for you and the iOS users, nothing to worry about, we will be accessible to you soon. Till then stay tuned. 


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