Wed. Aug 10th, 2022
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Air Rescuers, true to their name, came to the rescue of a 59-year-old lady from India suffering from a serious neural problem who needed the finest physiotherapy from Istanbul to get treatment for her problem. She was unable to walk and on daily oxygen support of 2 liters per minute. Given the gravity of the situation, the lady required only the most experienced and safe air ambulance services to ensure that her journey was not only safe but also fast. This is why Air Rescuers was chosen, as India’s most experienced and efficient air ambulance company.

Transferring the patient from Kolkata to Istanbul required skill and expertise, and Air Rescuers had plenty of both. On 1st April, they achieved their goal as they had successfully transported their patient through a commercial stretcher from Kolkata to Istanbul via Dubai.

Being the best of both worlds- Health and Medevac, Air Rescuers have made a name for themselves for their phenomenal, impeccable, and immaculate air ambulance services in India and abroad. Founded in 2000, Air Rescuers Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. is the paramount air ambulance service provider in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Patna, Bangalore, Vellore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and many more cities in India for the last 21 years. They offer 24X7 emergency air ambulance services in all these cities for safely transporting serious cases. They have an esteemed international presence in major cities of the world- New York, Dubai, London, Singapore, and many others. Ever since its establishment, Air Rescuers has been providing air ambulance services in India. They have operated on and shifted more than 10,500+ patients in emergency and non-emergency medical flights. They have shifted more than 600 patients globally through air ambulances and commercial stretchers.

Their mission has always been to improve healthcare across India by providing access to advanced air and ground medical services. Their staff comprises expert doctors and paramedics trained to respond to any situation and to provide rapid and reliable pre-hospital emergency care. They have the most sophisticated aircraft for evacuation; all engines are equipped with real-time tracking devices which ensure that their patient’s transfer is safe and fast. Air Rescuer’s air ambulance services are available around-the-clock at any time, anywhere in the country! The highest levels of clinical expertise and professionalism are at the heart of everything that they do.

Dr. Sanjay who is Founder & Director of Air Rescuers Worldwide Pvt Ltd.  commented on Air Rescuers’ consistent success and vision, “Air Rescuers has always aimed to ensure the patient’s safety above all else. This is why we are trusted by our clients all over the world to transport their loved ones so that they can get the best medical procedures and treatments from all over the world. When it comes to health, borders and distance should ideally never be a factor and we are working towards making this ideal a reality.”

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